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3 Incredibly Expensive Home Improvements

Created: 19/04/2017

Home improvements come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small, and can be done without breaking the bank; some on the other hand are of such a size and extravagance, that you’d have to be on par with Scrooge McDuck to stay above the red.

Take the below for example; three of the world’s most expensive home improvements and renovations.

Medina mansion

Expensive home improvements

Back in 2010, the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, renovated his already beautiful property on Lake Washington from 13,200 square feet to a gigantic 29,000 square feet. Taking a period of two years to complete, this endeavour of sheer affluence cost Bezos a cool $28 million. On the plus side, he does now have a party house and caretaker’s cottage.

Spelling Manor

Spelling Manor

James and Petra Stunt, two billionaires from the UK -- he a gaming and mining businessman, and she the heiress of Bernie Ecclestone’s fortune – purchased Spelling Manor in LA for $85 million. But apparently it wasn’t quite right upon purchase as they then forked out another $20 million to renovate their new home. Getting rid of rooms meant for a doll collection, the two fitted a spa, beauty salon, and massage parlour in its place. The whole thing only took three months! But they did have 500 workers to hand – no match for a London handyman service mind you.

Howard Stern’s Palm Beach Mansion

Palm Beach

In 2014, radio star Howard Stern decided to improve upon his Palm Beach mansion to the tune of $10 million dollars. And while this doesn’t match the fees of the other efforts above, the fact that this was all spent on creating a bigger closet for his wife, and that a whole new staircase was built just to reach it, makes this home improvement project worthy of note.


Image Credit: Curbed Seattle  Atwater Village Newbie   

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DIY SOS Reduces Family to Tears after Home Transformation

Created: 12/04/2017

The Pollard family was brought to tears after seeing their home’s transformation by DIY SOS for their hospital bound son. 

The project, which took nine days to complete, will finally allow Ryan Pollard to return home from hospital after five years.

Ryan, who is 24 years old, had been hospital bound ever since he was diagnosed with a brain condition back in 2012. Because of the special attention he needed, moving back home permanently was out of the question.

But now, thanks to a £180k makeover of their family home by the programme DIY SOS, the Pollards are now able to welcome their son home.

Acquiring the help and services of hundreds of suppliers, neighbours, and workman, the transformation was able to be completed in just nine days, even though the actual work put in was equivalent to more than six months.

Speaking to the Bristol Post, Ryan’s dad Dave said, “Every room is absolutely amazing. We are amazed what they have managed to do in just nine days with the house.”

The house’s transformation included the installation of a chair-lift, wet room, social space, and physio area. As well as a downstairs extension to allow Ryan access to the entire ground floor.

DIY SOS chose the Pollard family after they had spent five years commuting 100 miles a day to see their son.

Nick Knowles, the show’s presenter, had this to say: “The Pollards weren’t a family, that’s the point. They couldn’t be a family because they couldn’t bring their son home.”

Knowles, who earlier in the year received praise for a similar transformation effort, also added:

“We’ve all got families but the idea that suddenly your son can’t come home is horrific. Two hours in each direction, Rachel used to get a bus, a train, a bus and then walk several miles each end. She did that there and back single day.”

It’s quite a remarkable story, and another amazing reminder of what a passionate community can do for each other when they decide to bind together.

This was a pretty massive undertaking, and inspirational to see just what they were able to achieve. And while you may not be able to crank out six months of worth of work in just nine days, with the help of a local handyman service, you’ll be shocked at just what is possible. 

For other recent and impressive transformations, check out the following:

Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Recently, the site of Jesus’ tomb in Israel was restored and presented to the masses who come from all over the world to see this holy Christian site.

Lews castle

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon recently unveiled the £19.5 million restoration of the famous Lews Castle, which includes an impressive museum.

The Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes

This historic Israeli church was burned down in an arson attack but thanks to a massive restoration project, the 5th century site has seen extensive repairs and renovations to the amount of $1 million.



Image Credit: Really Channel - UKTV    David Maclennan

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Jesus’ Tomb Unveiled to the Public after Restoration

Created: 27/03/2017

The public has received its first look of Jesus’ tomb for the first time since its restoration.

Jesus tomb

The holy site, which is known as the Edicule, is the spot where Christians’ believe Jesus was laid to rest and then resurrected.

The Edicule is located within the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. The church has its origins as a temple built in the 2nd century AD by the Roman Emperor Hadrian who constructed a temple to bury the cave in which Jesus had been buried. Later on, around 325 AD, Rome’s first Christian Emperor, Constantine, had a Church built to replace the temple.

This is where Jesus’ tomb was rediscovered and is also the traditional site of Golgotha – where Jesus was crucified.

The restoration is the first attempted in more than 200 years -- which is when a fire took place. The refurbishment project was led by the National Technical University of Athens.

Funds towards the work were contributed by the custodians of the site: the trio of Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Armenian churches, who all provided £2.3 million to restoring this most holy of locations.

The tomb itself is a fascinating area, containing the very limestone shelf that Jesus is believed to have been laid to rest upon.

One of the partners of the project, Archaeologist Fredrik Hiebert of National Geographic, has said the following about this truly incredible site.

“The shrine has been destroyed many times by fire, earthquakes, and invasions over the centuries. We didn’t really know if they had built it in exactly the same place every time.

But this seems to be visible proof that the spot the pilgrims worship today really is the same tomb the Roman Emperor Constantine found in the 4th century and the Crusaders revered. It’s amazing”.

Jesus Crucified

It’s not all good news however, as during the restoration it has been discovered that the foundations of the Edicule are quite unstable, being located over a plethora of caves and tunnels which are believed to be the remains of a 2000 year old limestone quarry that served as the tombs of the Jewish elite.

So there is some worry about the future of the site, but this is only making the NTUA more determined to preserve this sacred place of pilgrimage. They are now recommending a further ten month restoration project to replace the unstable foundations.

The church, and the Edicule itself, are truly remarkable locations, not just for their historical and religious importance, but on an architectural scale as well.

The passion to protect and conserve the area is admirable; we all have our treasured spots, and projects that means something to us, and whether you are restoring holy sites, or just looking for a local London handyman to help you with your own labour of love, it’s great to see the determination to preserve the things we cherish.


Image Credit: Marc Israel Sellem   Almonroth

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4 Ways to Add Privacy to Your Garden

Created: 20/03/2017

“A man’s home is his castle” -- or so the old saying goes. A person’s domain is their place to relax, have fun, raise a family, and to just generally enjoy life. Homes do indeed come in all shapes and sizes, as do those that dwell inside them.

Garden gate

We all have different ideas of what the ideal home is, and we all have different styles as it pertains to our gardens. What we can all probably agree on however, is our pursuit of privacy, and how to make sure that when we are enjoying our properties, we are doing so in seclusion, in an environment that is ours and away from the outside world.

So with that being said, perhaps it’s prudent that we look at means to acquire this much desired privacy. It can be done in numerous ways – here are four of them.

Raised flower beds and growing your garden

Raised flower beds

A wonderful and organic way to provide privacy to your home and garden is through the raising of flower beds. You can really do wonders by just mounding the soil high enough which will therefore elevate your plants height. Through tactics like this, and planting new plants and even trees in applicable areas, one can really add that feeling of seclusion you are looking for.

We spoke to the gardening blog, The Middle-Sized Garden, about this very topic who also recommend the planting of trees among other tactics.

“Work out exactly where you want the privacy, especially if your garden is small. Very few gardens will ever be completely private in towns, or even villages. But you can always create a private seating area under a pergola or behind a low screen. Or you can plant one beautiful tree directly in line with an over-looking window. Keep trees well pruned, and choose one that suits your soil and position”.

This is fantastic advice from The Middle-Sized Garden and following this guidance should help to ensure that private space you’ve been wanting.

Fences and walls

Garden fence

“To make your garden a little bit cozier and relaxed, privacy is key. Although you are outside, you still do not want to have prying eyes scanning your personal space. Because let's face it, our garden, terrace, patio, and balcony are part of our home” – Camila Boschiero of

Perhaps the most obvious option but no less effective; in appropriate gardens a simple fence can really provide that protection you need. These can be serious undertakings however, so just make sure to get your local handyman service involved to get the job done right. If you are worried about closing off your garden too much, using something like lattice is a great option, both financially and in their private but unobtrusive nature.

Camila Boschiero from – an online platform for home improvement – spoke to us about using such manmade objects to create privacy, after suggesting first to “get to know your neighbour... this way, the next time you are faced with them looking in, you can wave back in a less awkward manner”. This is of course advised but sometimes, as Camila explains, extra methods are needed.

“Depending on your layout, something more drastic, time consuming and a tad more expensive might need doing, so our last solution is to block them out with man-made items, pergola, screen, fences, you name it, anything that will fit that space. It is always important to be able to relax at home and share that space with the people you love, so do what you can to enjoy that amazing outdoors/indoors space”.

Giant containers

giant container

The introduction of giant plant containers can be a truly marvellous and visually dynamic way of adding privacy to your garden. Big pots and containers dotted around certain spots in your property can not only serve a function of added privacy but also by providing home to some fantastic plant life. Constructing something of this nature can really provide a totally different look to your premises while serving your requested needs.

Fountains to mask noise


Of course providing added privacy to your garden doesn’t have to come in terms of the visual. In close communities, the comfort of knowing your private garden conversations stay as just that is important. This can be done with something like a fountain. By installing a beautiful and interesting piece of architecture you can not only add a new, dynamic feature to your garden, but provide privacy to you and your family with the tranquil sound of flowing water. An added bonus is insulating you and yours from any annoying traffic noises that might be permeating the premises. 

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Scotland Unveils Beautiful Restoration of Lews Castle

Created: 14/03/2017

A restoration of the iconic Lews castle has been unveiled by Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

Scotland Lews Castle Restoration

A £19.5 million restoration of the famous Lews Castle museum and hotel, located in Outer Hebridean, has now been restored back to its former glory – as presented by Scotland’s First Minister.

Sturgeon said about the undertaking, “The restoration has clearly been done lovingly and to the most incredible standard.

“The museum and archive is hugely impressive,” she added, going to say that it was “the first Gaelic-led museum anywhere”.

The castle which is home to six of the famous Lewis Chessman – the chess pieces used in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. They were found in 1831 and have since become the world’s most famous chess pieces.

Loaned to the castle by the British Museum, these 12th century ivory figures have an unknown origin, only adding to the mystique around the castle which has been closed for 25 years.

Chairman of the British Museum, Sir Richard Lambert, spoke of the “magical qualities” of fascinating objects and that they were “a window into the medieval world”.

He then added, “We cannot say they are coming home – because we don’t know where that is – but they are coming to a place that’s taken them to its heart and that’s wonderful.”

Harry potter chess pieces

The impressive restoration was achieved through a joint venture by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Historic Scotland, the Scottish government, European Regional Development Fund, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Gaelic language organisation Bord na Gaidhlig.

The restored castle can now enjoy the state-of-the-art museum which also contains within it a restaurant, accommodation and other facilities.

Lews castle was initially constructed back in 1847 for James Matheson – an opium baron.

Undertakings such as this can be complicated, so it’s wonderful to see an old and historic building brought back to its former glory so smoothly.

When working on substantial projects of this nature it is vitally important to be prepared and considerate of existing structures. So when undergoing restorations of your own, make sure to first consult your local handyman service.


Image Credit: David Maclennan  Levan Ramishvili

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Top Alternatives to Kitchen Cabinets

Created: 17/02/2017

The home is open to a bevy of options as regards to work that can be done and changes that can be made. The kitchen is indeed no different. From new tops and counters, installing a breakfast island, to a simple lick of paint; the options are there and they can have drastic effects.

Alternatives to kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are a staple of any kitchen; we all need storage for our pots, pans and various accoutrements; these cabinets however can often look dated, bulky and sometimes just plain boring. The good news is that there are a plethora of ways to rework your kitchen storage. With a little creativity, your kitchen can have a completely new look.

With that being said, here are the top alternatives to kitchen cabinets.

Hanging storage

The simplest answer is often the correct one, and this old adage is more than applicable here. By simply placing a bar above your kitchen sink/counter, for which to hang utensils, pots and pans, you can provide the room with a fantastic, minimalist look.

Suspended shelves

A fantastic way to save space would be to go for something relatively simple but equally pleasing on the eye, such as suspended shelves. By simply having a series of shelves suspended above your cooking area – almost as if they were hanging from the sky – you at once have both the storage capacity desired and less visual weight on the eye.

Suspended shelves

Open shelves

A tried and tested method and an undeniably effective one. Allowing for ease of access by simply having a group of open shelves around your kitchen walls, you not only provide decoration where it otherwise would not have been, but save yourself much needed space on the ground.

Kerry Allen of the home improvement blog,, is also a fan of open shelves, and really able to see the benefits they provide.

“A great alternative to kitchen cabinets is to have open shelves. This could be just cheap shelves from ikea, an upcycled spare floorboard or even reclaimed scaffold boards - as we're going for in our new kitchen! It's a great way to create a feature, make the space feel bigger, participate in the online #shelfies and it'll save you heaps by not paying for expensive kitchen cabinets”.

Kerry hits the nail on the head; the open shelf route really is a great and practical alternative, and one worth pursuing, as long as you don’t mind guests and visitors peaking at your kitchen attire. 

Kitchen Hutch

Open storage boxes

Putting a slightly new spin on the traditional kitchen cabinet; this tactic can work a treat. By stacking open storage boxes or cubes around the kitchen, or organising them in rows where the equipment is most needed, you can provide yourself with the same resources as your old cabinets but with a new, modern take on storage.

Whole wall cabinets

One of the biggest knocks against traditional kitchen cabinets is their protruding nature and bulky appearance; taking away much needed space in often spatially limited rooms. Well, by going in a modern, unique direction, and having your cabinets become the wall itself, there can arise an elegant way to tackle the problem. Building your cabinets into the wall, providing an entire surface with plentiful storage space, may be a large task – and absolutely requiring the services of a local handyman – but can be completely transformative for your kitchen.


If you are more of the old fashioned sensibility, but still want to move on from bog standard kitchen cabinets, an antique hutch might be the perfect choice for you. Offering a central focal point for your cooking space, along with plenty of storage, this can also free up room above any appliances, providing a lighter look for your kitchen. These hutches can not only look great for display purposes but have great utility too.

Shelves with baskets

Shelves with baskets

A spin on the open shelve format, but with a little more privacy for your kitchen equipment. By simply lining up rows of baskets on your shelves to organise your items, can not only provide a storage solution that is easy on the eye, but can help to obscure any paraphernalia/food that you might want to keep hidden.


Repurposing is a popular technique when undertaking home improvement projects, and doing this with regards to your kitchen cabinets can be a fantastic idea. Garnering some school type lockers and turning them into a solid, industrial like storage space will provide a thoroughly unique look to your kitchen while also providing some security against the sticky fingers of hungry children.

Sliding pantry door

If you find yourself working with a nice amount of space, installing an industrial like sliding pantry door can be a great avenue to go down. This sturdy alternative to kitchen cabinets will allow you to take advantage of open shelves while also hiding away any clutter, creating a secure area for all your cooking needs. This is a unique solution and one that is bound to impress aside from being wholly practical.


Image Credit: articad images

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$1 Million restoration now complete on historic Israeli Church

Created: 15/02/2017

A historic church in Israel has now reopened after a massive restoration project.

Israel Church Restoration

The Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes, located in Northern Israel, was burned down in an arson attack believed to be perpetrated by fervent operation to its practices. The 5th Century church is believed to be the site where Jesus infamously, and miraculously, fed thousands of people with five loaves of bread and two fish. 

The good news is that the church has now reopened after eight months of extensive repairs and renovations which cost about $1 million. The Israeli government reportedly contributed around $400,000 towards the restoration, demonstrating just how precious the church is to the country.

Most of us may not be looking at restoring ancient and historical churches any time soon, your DIY skills might not help you there, but with the help of your local London Handyman service it’s really quite miraculous what can actually be done.

There have been some similarly inspirational and mammoth restoration projects undertaken right here at home. With an open mind and the right amount of desire, it’s quite amazing what can be done.

Check out the list below of a select few UK projects that have caught the eye.

3 biggest uk restoration projects

Biggest UK restoration projects

The Appleton Water Tower

The Appleton Water Tower, in Sandringham, Norfolk was a substantial effort. Erected in 1877 the tower was once the waterworks for the Sandringham estate until being taken over by the local water authority. After falling into disrepair, a team demolished the outbuildings, replaced the roof, and restored the intricate details of elaborate brickwork of the towers’ staircase.

Belmont Villa

This 18th Century villa in Lyme Regis, Dorset was an incredibly demanding project which cost a huge £1.8 million over 10 years. Having to tackle dissolving bricks to save the original building there was a lot of specialist work that had to be undertaken to restore the beautiful building to its former glory.

Fox Hall

Philippa and John Burness jumped headfirst into a substantial restoration of their home when they worked to bring back a Grade II listed Regency town house from the brink of ruin. The property, which was once replete with damp, has now been fully restored over the course of 15 months and is was on the market for £795,000.


Image Credit: Grauesel    Adrian S Pye

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Nick Knowles transforms the life of ill teenager for DIY SOS

Created: 07/02/2017

Nick Knowles and the team behind DIY SOS are being hailed after transforming the home of a sickly teenager.

Popular Wednesday night BBC One DIY show, DIY SOS, left fans in an emotional state after seeing what was achieved on behalf of Antonia Payne Chenye who is suffering with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

The disease, which causes her joints to dislocate on a frequent basis and therefore rendering her unable to eat normally, has restricted her to a hospital bed for the past few months.

But enter Nick Knowles, now being praised as a hero, and the DIY SOS team, who after hearing of Antonia’s plight, gathered together a group of builders and transformed her home.

Re-vamping the house’s entrance, bedroom and living spaces, the guys have provided a space for Antonia that now accommodates her wheelchair and made a sterile space for medication and oxygen points.

Knowles, who some are saying should receive an MBE for his working helping this young lady return to her family, enlisted the help of carpenter Mark Millar, builder Julian Perryman, plasterer Chris Frediani. electrician Billy Byrne and home style consultant Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, along with hundreds of volunteer builders from Worcester.

Antonia, after returning home from the hospital, was overjoyed by what she saw, saying that “You have given me a new chance at life” and that “It’s absolutely perfect”, telling Knowles and crew that they had changed her life.

The episode obviously resonated with viewers, with many clamouring to twitter in order to express their appreciation for the show and what was done for Antonia.

What was achieved here, and for such a good cause, really shows what can be done given the right amount of imagination and the services of a professional handyman or two. It’s inspirational stuff and really gets across what a community can be capable of when coming together.


Image Credit: BBC

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Home Improvement Projects for 2017

Created: 27/01/2017

When a New Year comes many of us look at our lives, and our homes, and consider what we can do to improve them.

Home Improvement 2017

There are many ways to seek such improvement and directing that attention to your home is a great idea. So why not consider getting your house in tip top shape as your goal for 2017? This will not only improve your home life, but can be a fun task to undergo, distracting you from life’s headaches.

So we have created this guide to the top home improvement projects that you can get done in 2017, with a little help from your local handyman service.

Frame your pictures

Decorating your walls can help turn your house into a home. It is nice to show-off your favourite movie posters, children’s paintings and other mementos, but often these are put up on walls using paper tape or blue tac, which can ruin walls by stripping the paint off.

So if you live in London and have no time to do this, you can instead call out that local handyman to frame all of your art and to hang it up.

Replace your gates and fences

Handywork Solutions Fence

The outside of your home will need just as much love as the inside. So don’t neglect it when it comes to attempting this year’s new projects.

Why not try replacing those old gates and the rusty latches that keep your home safe? This is a relatively simple task, which will provide you peace of mind for the year ahead, and new trimmings such as these will help to project the positive image contained inside your home out to the world.

Clean out any clutter in your house

Handywork Solutions De-Clutter House

You know that big, old wardrobe in your room that is full to the brim with clothes that you just don’t wear anymore? Now is the time to do something about it by de-cluttering.

Clearing the clutter from your house not only offers you new space to store your belongings, but you have also ticked off a job that you probably have been meaning to do for a long-time.

Check out our decluttering guide to make sure you get off to a great start and don’t get overwhelmed by the clutter.

Overhaul those old kitchen cabinets 

Handywork Solutions Refurbish Kitchen Cabinets

Completely overhauling your kitchen -- while sometimes necessary -- can be a lot of work and can cost a lot, but you may have already read our blog post that showed a new kitchen adds 5.8% to the value of your property. By simply adding some TLC to your kitchen cabinets and drawers, your cooking space can receive a nice uplift.

Why not look at giving your storage spaces a nice new coat of paint or for the extra yard, replace the handles and add new pulls for the drawers. The last thing you want when attacking a new year is to come home and put up with a stiff or wonky cutlery draw.

Clear those drainpipes

Handywork Solutions Drainpipes

The weather is unpredictable, one can never know quite what is around the corner and therefore it is best to prepare for the worst. So to avoid any damage from such temperamental weather, check that your home’s drainpipes are fully functioning and are not blocked by leaves or moss.

When drain pipes or guttering becomes blocked, you run the risk of damp spreading throughout your home. This can quickly become a very tricky and time-consuming problem to correct, so avoid that and ensure your gutters are clear and flowing.

Insulate and enjoy

Handywork Solutions Home Insulation

This isn’t a particular fun one and you won’t be able to show off your work to your friends after dinner, but making sure you house is properly insulated for the remaining cold months and future winters is an important task to undertake.

Your attic, pipes and water tank could all use a good looking over and added insulation. So make sure to get a professional to survey what needs to be done, and then get going on any needed work. Insuring your house is warm and energy efficient will obviously provide great benefits both in terms of home enjoyment and protecting your wallet.

Re-paint your home

Handywork Solutions Painting Your Home

If your house needs a makeover or you feel that particular rooms have become a bit dull, then consider re-painting them.

Just as with your gates and fences, projecting a positive image to the world can not only make your nosey neighbours a little jealous – sparking improvement to the area – but will put a smile on your face every time you drive home. A lick of paint really can do wonders and to make it easier there are plenty of painters and decorators available in Dulwich and across the country that you can call in to paint your home.

Update the front of your home 

Handywork Solutions Front Door

As mentioned, replacing old gates and clearing out drainpipes can start to help the outside of your home looking as great as what is on the inside. But in 2017, why stop there? The front of your property is your home’s introduction to the world so giving it a little update is an excellent project to tackle this year.

Kerry from – a DIY blog featuring a myriad of home renovation tips and tricks -- made this her top project to tackle in 2017. Acknowledging that this doesn’t have to be an expensive undergoing, she said by “simply giving a front door a lick of paint and fitting new hardware, you can really help transform a tired looking door, even if it’s old and unstylish (like ours)!”

Kerry also puts emphasis on any garden area at the front of your home, knowing that it’s not just what is attached to your house that is important. “If you have any greenery that’s just becoming too much of a pain to handle, consider swapping it for some decorative gravel and some potted trees or plants instead. Evergreen plants are especially great as they look good all year and your front won’t be littered in leaves through the autumn either”.

Handywork Solutions Restoring Home

Making your home look the part, as well as assuring it’s easy enough to maintain all year round is very important, so these suggestions from Kerry are not just creative but sensible too. 

One last tip Kerry provided us with was to add some illumination to the front of your property. “If you want to add a bit more of a wow factor, some solar lights are super cheap, easy to install and even make the house look lovely even at night too!”.

There are truly many ways one can improve their home; inside and out. Hopefully these suggestions will start to inspire you with your next project. There is no time like the present after all. So take charge of 2017 and give your home the attention it deserves, but just make sure to garner the help of a professional for any larger projects.


Image Credit: Mike   CC0 License   pattynwalter   Annamos   Brett and Sue Coulstock   Mark Gstohl   Jason Dale    Petr Kratochvil    Timo Newton-Syms   kezzabeth

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Theatre Gets Restoration with Help of Trainee Carpenter

Created: 09/01/2017

The restoration of anything can be a task, even simple house hold jobs, so imagine how a young apprentice carpenter felt when helping undertake a multi-million pound restoration of a historic theatre.

Theater Restoration Project

This was what faced eighteen year old James Owen, an apprentice from Bury, who has been putting his skills to the test when involved with the restoration of The Met theatre -- a popular performing arts venue.

Undergoing a £4.6 million transformation, focusing on improving the theatre’s performing and backstage areas, young James really had to channel his training and knowledge of carpentry to help with fitting skirting boards, arches, flooring and parts of the kitchen.

It was quite the challenge for the former Castlebrook High School Student, who said to the Bury Times, that he really enjoyed learning some “hands on practical skills” while being a part of this exciting project. 

Like James, Handywork Solutions also provide a professional hand for any restoration projects, big or small. If you are looking at improving your family home, here are a few projects you can look at tackling.

The Kitchen

Kitchen Restoration Project

For most families, the kitchen is the key part of the home. From feeding the kids to putting a romantic meal together for your partner, a happy kitchen means a happy home.

So if you are looking at your tops and cabinets and are feeling they could use with a little work, perhaps it’s time to give them some love. You’ll be surprised at how much replacing those worn wood cabinets or fixing up that kitchen door will change your cooking and eating environment for the better.

The Bedroom

Bedroom Restoration Project

Home is where your bed is, and after a long day at work there is nothing better than heading off to bed to recoup, but that’s only if your bedroom is a place you want to spend time in.

Often the bedroom can be a person’s only refuge, so if restoring that old fire place or inserting that custom walk in wardrobe will help to improve the rooms allure, perhaps it’s time to call in a professional London handyman service to finally spruce things up a little.

Making space

Making Space In Your Home Restoration

Anyone with a growing family knows that space is at a premium. Rather than make that leap to a bigger home, why not convert that space in the garage you don’t use? Or get a professional handyman to come in and give you some space-saving advice.

If your child is expecting a new brother or sister perhaps, and their bedroom is going to be a little cramped for two, why not knock down that wall into the adjoining study and create a space big enough for both your little ones to live and grow together. It’s amazing what you can do with a little inspiration, so exploring all options before jumping ship is always a great idea.

Image Credit: CookieMonster755 JamesDeMers  Architecturist  Wjwalrus

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