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Retired builder turns attention to dollhouses

Created: 14/08/2017

A retired builder from America has turned his attention to building dollhouses in his newfound spare time – a hobby that has gone down particularly well with younger members of his family.

Al Benson, from the city of Genoa in Nance County, Nebraska, spent four decades building houses and ‘hog barns’ (huge constructions used to house pigs on American farms) but found that his fondness for creating things did not disappear when he took his pension.

As Al told his local newspaper, the Columbus Telegram, carpentry has been a part of his family’s life for generations, which may help to explain his skill for making dollhouses: “My grandpa was a farmer and carpenter and my uncle was a carpenter. I like it and I’ve always liked it.”

The fruits of Al’s new hobby were on show for all to see at his town’s recent Heritage Tractor Show, which took place on the opening weekend of August. Whilst most of those who were involved in the exhibitions were content to let their tractors be the centre of attention, Al’s 1950s John Deere was overshadowed by what it was towing on the trailer behind – a beautifully constructed sky blue dollhouse.

‘Keeps me out of trouble’

Al’s rewarding new pastime began when his sister-in-law, who lives in Texas, thought he may be interested in building a dollhouse for her children. Al took up the challenge and has been excelling at it ever since.

The hobby is certainly keeping Al busy; he has so far made five complete dollhouses, two of which have been sold and three given to family members. When questioned about why he dedicates so much time towards this intricate art, his response was frank: “I’m retired, so I’ve got to find something to do. Keeps me out of trouble.”

This may all be a far cry from the day-to-day and emergency maintenance provided by London handyman companies, but the projects do share one thing in common – a passion for keeping the houses they work on looking beautiful and in full working order, no matter their size!

Image Credit: Ivy Dawned

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