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With the clocks springing forward and the hours of sunshine getting longer by the day, the frosty mornings of winter are nothing more than a distant memory.

Spring Daffodils

A recent poll has found that significant numbers of Britons are losing the ability to carry out simple DIY tasks, with some even saying they possess absolutely no DIY skills whatsoever.

Electric Drill

Poundland has made a bold move into the realm of home improvements, unveiling a host of DIY products all available for just £1.


Whether you have just moved into your new home, or have been on the property ladder for quite some time, it’s likely that home improvement projects are likely to be high on your agenda.

The real Cost of Home Improvement in London

It’s been announced that homeowners across the UK are now able to claim up to £5,600 for energy efficiency improvements, thanks to the latest scheme unveiled by the government.


For many DIY proves a constant thorn in the side, a task which people are reluctant to start to avoid getting into sticky situations. It’s not only a lack of skills which is a problem, there’s also the amount of time which goes into it.

A Video Guide to DIY Jobs
Transform your spare room into a stylish and fully functioning nursery for your new arrival with these top tips.
Tips for redecorating a nursery


Painting Furniture

A new report has found that hundreds of thousands of elderly Britons are at a high risk of electrical fires as a result of their homes not meeting straightforward safety requirements.

Hundreds of thousands of elderly Britons are at a high risk of electrical fires

Let’s face it, redecorating your home can be an overwhelming job as there are so many options nowadays.

Home redecorating alternatives