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We were delighted to speak to the team at IKEA about some of the products they recommend for maximising your precious space.
IKEA NORDRANA baskets in bathroom
A series of photos have revealed the extent to which some people are prepared to put themselves in danger just to complete the smallest of DIY tasks.
Danger sign showing person falling
Business analysts have been poring over the summer performance of the UK’s biggest DIY chains, and the results have been mixed.
New research from the Halifax bank and insurance company has revealed some interesting facts about the way Brits’ DIY habits and aspirations are changing.
We spoke to “The Landlord”, who runs the UK’s biggest landlord blog, about what he thinks your priorities should be when preparing a house for new tenants.
Door key
A retired builder from Genoa in Nebraska, America has turned his attention to building dollhouses for his family and for sale in his newfound spare time.
Netta Harvey has spoken out about the huge obstacles she had to overcome when she decided to become an electrician on the banks of the river Clyde in WW2.
Wartime cartoon of Rosie the Riveter
Broken boilers and leaky roofs are no laughing matter, but it can be pretty amusing when we see DIY disasters which so easily could have been avoided.
'Oops' sticker next to cracked wall
New research suggests that many homeowners may be at risk of invalidating their insurance policies by not sharing the details of their home improvements.
Scrabble tiles spelling 'DIY'
If you’re looking to change things up at home, painting is never a bad idea. Therefore we have put together this list of top tips for painting furniture.