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Your garden is part of your domain, & providing a safe, secure, and private space for you and your family can be important. Let’s look at 4 ways to do so.
Any home improvement project can have its challenges, so one can only imagine the work that went into restoring this 19th century Scottish castle.
The home can be improved in many ways, but with the help of a handyman you can change traditional kitchen cabinets into these exciting alternatives.
After being closed for nearly two years due to arson, an historic and ancient Israeli church has now reopened thanks to a $1 million restoration effort.
Nick Knowles and DIY SOS have transformed the home of a sickly teenager, helping the young lady return to her family after months in the hospital.
Enjoying your home is important, so with the New Year under way, grab your local handyman and get working on these top home improvement projects in 2017.

The restoration of anything can be a task, even simple house hold jobs, so imagine how a young apprentice carpenter felt when helping undertake a multi-million pound restoration of a historic theatre.


There is always something to prepare for, and in uncertain times such as these with foreign wars, comets spotted hurtling towards the planet, and earth grown natural disasters, perhaps preparing for the worst might not be a bad idea – you know, in your head… But never mind that, a company in Amer

Here, we name the five household duties that can’t be delayed if you want to make sure your home continues to be a safe and affordable place to live.
The innovative Men’s Sheds movement is gaining momentum across the UK, and its success has just been highlighted by Scotland’s former First Minister.
Alex Salmond