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While floor surfaces are something that we never usually think about during our day-to-day activities, it’s incredible how installing some new carpet or laminate flooring can help bring a room to life. If you are fed up with your tired carpet and want to change to a more practical laminate flooring, here are some handy tips to consider if you would rather tackle it yourself than call in a handyman covering South London.
an example of laminate flooring

If you have just moved house or are looking to revamp your property and fancy trying it without the expert help of a London handyman, have a read of this brief guide about how to hang wallpaper in your home.

A handy guide to hanging wallpaper

Painting an outside wall can have an incredible effect on the appearance of your home, making it instantly more appealing after just a couple days’ work.

painting an external wall guide

With spring now upon us, it’s about time for homeowners to end their hibernation and enjoy some time in the garden. However, the months of winter neglect could mean that outdoor features such as the garden fence will need mending or – in the worse-case scenario – replacing.

A handy guide to replacing garden fence panels

Rain guttering is one of those things of the home that we just take for granted, expecting it to always be there to stop the rain pouring onto the floor during bad weather. However, it can be a completely different story if your system has to be repaired or replaced.

A handy guide to fitting rain guttering

Whether you’re making holes to hang items or thread some electrical cable through, drilling into concrete is a handy skill to master.

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Skirting boards are a customary feature in everyone’s home - a welcome addition which hides any natural shrinking gaps and also stops damage being caused to the bottom of the wall. While you may notice them around your home, there’s a high chance you won’t know how to fit them.

A handy guide to installing skirting board

While you may call on the services of qualified handymen in south London to deal with most DIY issues around the home, the fitting of a door handle is something many of us prefer to try ourselves. With this in mind, here is a clear and simple guide to helping you install a door handle.  

A handy guide to fitting a door handle

The bathroom is one place in the house we have a tendency to ignore, and if it doesn’t require the services of a South London handyman, it is often the case that we feel the weekly clean will suffice.

A handy guide to sprucing up your bathroom

Whether you want to relax with a nice bubble bath or even jump into the shower, the last thing you’ll want to see is a broken tile.

A handy guide to replacing a bathroom tile