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Flooring is one of the most popular ways we redecorate in the home and it’s amazing how just one change can make an amazing difference. One of these is the installation of linoleum flooring – often referred to as ‘lino’ in the trade.

Here is a guide to helping you install linoleum flooring

While many of us would think nothing of redecorating the inside of our property, it’s a completely different story with the exterior. As it prolongs the life of your home and also adds value, it is a job that only makes sense to carry out.

Tips to help you with any outdoor painting you have to do

If you love nothing more than getting stuck into a great DIY project, repainting a bedroom cupboard or chest of drawers can be greatly rewarding and make a real difference in a room.

How to repaint your bedroom furniture

Replacing a window sill may seem a tricky job, but with the right tools and the know-how you can get it done in no time. Here’s a great guide to help you complete the job without calling in a handyman in South London.

How to replace an interior window sill

The plug is arguably the most important aspect of any electrical device, because unless it runs on batteries, the plug will deliver power from the mains electrical.

Here’s your perfect guide showing you how to wire a plug, ensuring all your appliances are safe

The garden fence is something that many of us take for granted, something that will always be there to offer the ultimate privacy in our outdoor space.

A great guide to help you secure a garden fence post easily and quickly

Hanging a mirror in the home can have hugely positive effects, making a point of interest on a vacant wall as well as giving you the chance to see yourself before you leave the house to face the day.

A guide to help you correctly hang a mirror

A sturdy and leak-free roof is one of those things that many homeowners take for granted; it’s something that we expect to be maintenance-free for many years. However, if you come across a cracked roof tile, it’s important to fix it right away to avoid any serious problems arising.

A guide to fixing a cracked roof tile

The television is one those things that many of us take for granted, expecting to be able to turn it on and pick up a perfect signal in an instant. However, without a functional aerial, your TV is nothing more than a screen of static.

A guide to putting up an outdoor aerial quickly and easily

A washing machine is something that many of us take for granted, turning on whenever we like to have our clothes smelling fine and fresh once again.

Here’s a great guide to help you install a washing machine