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The world’s worst DIY disasters

Created: 13/07/2017

'Oops' sticker next to crack in wall

If you are a homeowner, the chances are that you will already know how even the most modern, supposedly low-maintenance properties do not always behave as we would like them to.

Unfortunately, having to deal with the occasional electrical or plumbing problem is part and parcel of having your own house, and the experts providing our handyman services in East London are regularly called upon to sort out all manner of home emergencies.

However, whilst broken boilers and leaky roofs are no laughing matter, it can be pretty amusing when we see examples of DIY disasters which so easily could have been avoided.

There are thousands of examples out there of people getting their home improvement projects horribly wrong, but below you’ll find a few of what we believe are the most memorable. Be sure to let us know if you have any shocking stories of your own!

Bathroom blunders

Rusty tap

This video takes us through 50 examples of unbelievably bad plumbing errors. Highlights include:

- 1 minute 14 seconds – A unique space-saving idea – suspending a washing machine above your toilet!

- 2 minutes 23 seconds – Privacy may be an issue for anyone who uses these conveniences…

- 2 minutes 29 seconds – The interesting tactic of installing two sockets directly in line with the flow of a tap.

The apprentices don’t become masters

Rusty nails in floor

In their defence, the people in this video probably didn’t want to do these DIY tasks, but some of their errors are still pretty shocking!

This is from a 2015 episode of the BBC One show The Apprentice, which featured the candidates offering their services as handymen and women. The results show why they should probably all stick to their day jobs.

Our favourite clip from this one is when Lord Sugar’s assistant, Baroness Karren Brady, despairingly utters the immortal lines: “Screwing a nail? I don’t think you screw a nail” whilst watching on.

The world’s laziest DIY-ers?

Wall with brick missing

Finally, here’s an article from MailOnline which showcases a selection of bizarre and – some would say – ingenious DIY innovations which don’t exactly follow the rulebook. 

Everything from clock repairs to car maintenance is covered, but here are a few of our favourites:

- A gaping hole in the wall with two wires poking out of it, accompanied by the helpful note: ‘To ring doorbell, connect wires’.

- A plumber’s plunger repurposed as a heavy-duty doorstop.

- A broken tap replaced by a huge amount of Sellotape and a bulldog clip.

So, if any of the above examples are at all reminiscent of your own efforts (although we hope they won’t be), it may be time to get the professionals in when planning your next home improvement!

Image Credits: Brandon SchauerRachel Towne, Adam Rosenberg, jasleen_kaur

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