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Winter is the perfect time for home DIY

Created: 23/12/2015

For many of us, the shorter days, rain, wind and grey of winter keep us inside until the spring arrives. Many homeowners typically focus on outdoor home improvement, but this time of the year is the perfect time for tackling some indoor DIY projects.

winter DIY

Whether your budget is big or small, there are a few classic renovation projects that can make a winter stuck in the house a little less claustrophobic. Many you can do with just a few tools and materials, but remember a licenced, experienced handyman in south London is always ready to step in to help.

For homeowners across the UK, winter is an ideal time to focus on interior home projects that need completing. Here are some ideas for a bit of winter home DIY:

Re-doing your Floors

When it is colder, you notice your floors a bit more. Maybe it’s a temperature issue, or the dog and kids are forever tracking mud across the carpets, leaving them dull and dingy. Re-flooring is a DIY project most confident homeowners can complete over a weekend or two. There are plenty of materials to choose from to give you a great new look. There is stone, terracotta, marble, carpet, tile, hardwoods or laminate wood flooring.

For budget conscious people, and thanks to a number of market innovations, wood floors can be installed without professional help. And they are now quite affordable. More importantly, during the winter, the colder air helps with a quicker drying time for any adhesives. New wood tends to offer better insulation as well.

new floors

Bathroom Remodel

It may be one of the smallest rooms in your home, but it is also one of the most important. A bathroom remodel is a great winter DIY project and the benefits of the project will be felt immediately. More importantly, installing new environmentally friendly bathroom fixtures may save you a bit of coin as well. Installing a new sink, new faucets, or a water-saving toilet will all have benefits.

There are more accents you can complete in your bathrooms as well. New mirrors, lighting fixtures, or accent pieces can give your bathroom a whole new feel.

bathroom accessories

Painting and Touch Ups

Very easily, the years can gather and take a toll on a room. A great winter pick-me-up is to give a room a quick makeover with a new colour and maybe some new accents. Without spending a fortune, painting a room can cause a dramatic change. Bold wall colours with appealing accents in wood and fabrics will change the look and feel of a room.

Don’t finish with just paint. Complete little changes like installing crown mouldings, a chair rail, refinished bannisters, or new skirting board. Most of these projects are easily completed in a well-planned weekend, and will give your room a fresh, updated look and feel.

new staircase

Kitchen Remodel

Especially after Christmas, there are quite a few deals on for new whitegoods. Do you need a new dishwasher, or a hob upgrade? A kitchen remodel may be the remedy for the winter blues. There are many different levels of kitchen renovation, so plan carefully. New cabinet doors, work surfaces, lighting fixtures and floors – they are all fair game.

For many homeowners, remodelling a kitchen is the perfect job to get in some professional support. You may be able to tile the splashback, but installing new custom-made cupboards may be beyond your skill level. Either way, there are plenty of mini-projects in the kitchen that will keep you cooking and renovating all winter long, and a handyman can help with the bigger jobs.

new kitchen

New Light Fixtures

Lamps are fine, but you can really change the look and feel to some of your rooms and entryways with new light fixtures. The market for new and interesting fixtures has really picked up in recent years. From vintage style lighting to ultra-modern design, most fixtures today will not only be beautiful, but more energy efficient as well.

Also, by adding some new light and warmth to your home, your mood will likely improve. In the winter, your home gets less natural light, so let’s brighten up the entire place with some new lighting.

light fixture

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