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When to leave DIY to the experts

Created: 30/09/2015

For many of us, DIY is one of the best ways to show pride in our home. Building improvements, one-of-a-kind installations, and the chance to work with amazing power tools all lure us in during the weekend and our inner builders itch to get out.

While DIY can be a fruitful and great experience, there are some projects that should be left to experienced professionals. There is nothing sourer than the failed attempt – and wasted expense – of projects gone wrong. More importantly, there are several projects that require specialised safety equipment, local planning permission, or both.

If you are not sure when you need to call on professional handyman services, here is our list of projects where it may be best to leave them to the experts:

Tree removal

It may seem simple enough, but if the tree is large, or too tall, failure in the act of cutting it down may have dire consequences. Cutting down trees, even removing unruly or dead branches, requires an element of climbing and working with specialist tools. There are dangers in working from high heights without the proper safety gear. Additionally, experienced tree removal experts can help you avoid damage to you house, underground or overhead utilities, and in some cases, your neighbours’ homes. 

tree cutting

Electrical Work

For legal and safety reasons, most electrical work should be left to a licensed professional. Beyond just blown fuses, the power balance in your home should be maintained at all times. It's one thing to flip a fuse switch to the power in your home on or off, but it is another thing to attempt to repair faulty wiring or any other electrical issues without professional help. Moreover, it can cause more damage than help. Live electrical wires can have lethal consequences if not properly worked on by a professional.

electrical work

Home additions or major structural changes

A bit of demolition is always fine. A couple of swings with a sledge and all of a sudden two small rooms are transformed into one big room. But there are a number reasons why this should be handed over to a professional. Inside your walls, there could be electrics, gas pipes or plumbing. There are also structural concerns like load-bearing walls and potentially breaking the local building code.

structural changes

Your driveway

Many of us have been tempted to re-vamp or improve our driveways. From concrete pours, new tarmac or complicated paving stones – driveway projects may seem simple. But they often are not. Installation, drainage and surface requirements can all lead to your new driveway becoming a disaster. Trained professionals will definitely lower project time and cost of this project.

driveway repairs

Plumbing Repair

Clogged toilets and drains and maybe replacing an odd gasket or two are fine – but plumbing is a skill best left to trained professionals. Improper or faulty work could cause hidden problems that won’t necessarily make themselves known until the wrong and more expensive time in the future. Additionally, there are building codes to adhere to when working with plumbing systems. From replacing burst pipes to changing hardware, a lack of plumbing experience can be a recipe for disaster. Pay the professional now so you don’t have to pay even more later.


Installing Cladding

If done properly, vinyl cladding or other materials can greatly increase the aesthetic of any home, and it can last for years. But, if moisture or improper installation occurs, eventually your choice of DIY will have expensive consequences. It could lead to structural damages to your house’s frame, or be detrimental to the foundation. Rather than taking the chance of severely damaging your home, it is safer to have a professional install your new cladding properly.

installing cladding

Creating an Outdoor Kitchen

With a fantastic gas-supplied cooking area, maybe a fire pit, and some lovely stone work, a well-designed back garden cooking area can become a showpiece for your home. But with needed plumbing, gas line installation and possibly planning permission, your dream set-up could quickly turn into a nightmare. So, if you have your heart set on a back garden kitchen, make sure to call a pro.

back garden kitchen

Responsible and skilled professionals are always available to help you with your home improvement needs. For exceptional handyman services in South London and the surrounding areas, contact us today.

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