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The vintage decor revival

Created: 31/08/2016

When it comes to updating the interior of your home there are so many styles to consider. However, with the vintage décor revival now in its prime and 21st century variations of the traditional Tudor style being introduced into the industry, now is the best time to consider the versatile vintage style for your home interior.


Colour palette

vintage decor

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The stereotypical vintage colour palette has also had a 21st century renovation, with murky and monotonous colours being swapped for light ivories and whites for a fresh transformation of colour. However, you can easily combine these two contrasting colour palettes to make the perfect vintage décor design for any room in the house.

Statement walls are a modern decoration idea that can be interpreted with vintage patterns, so if you are want to use patterned vintage style paper on one wall and use a lighter paint on the rest, then you will be well on the way to accomplishing something refreshing and colourful in terms of traditional vintage design.



vintage chairs

Since the start of the vintage décor revival, shops dedicated to the movement have been popping up all over the country, supplying vintage and second-hand furniture at very good prices. Shops such as Rose & Grey sell a wide range of furniture, home accessories and quirky products.

If you really want to achieve the vintage look and create space within the home whilst doing so, why not choose professional, reliable handyman services in London to incorporate a vintage-style built-in bookcase? Not only will it be the finishing touch when considering vintage furniture pieces, but also create a traditional, unique style that isn’t seen in many homes today.



vintage flooring

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Flooring is a major factor when considering renovating your home interior, especially when a vintage style is involved. Wooden, sanded down and polished flooring is a big hit for those who want to achieve the ultimate vintage look and really emphasises the style intended.

White flooring, as well as the traditional dark wood flooring, are the most popular choices and compliment any type of vintage colour palette or furniture piece, so you can mix and match with whatever works well for you. If you are looking for something a little more unique, head over to English Salvage where there is a wide variety of original, antique flooring styles and designs to suit any taste. 

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