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Valspar’s top colour tips for a home makeover

Created: 09/02/2018

Valspar - Carolina Blue

Our previous article suggested a few tips for choosing the right kind of paint for decorating your home, both internally and externally. However cheap or expensive the brand of paint used, however, you will still be left underwhelmed with your makeover efforts if you do not select a colour which suits your living space.

This month, we have spoken with Kasia Wiktorowicz from Valspar – a paint manufacturer with over 200 years of experience – to get some expert advice on how to settle on the perfect colour for your next redecorating project:

“Choosing paint can sometimes be a daunting task. When faced with rows of paint tins it’s easy to forget that, when in place, a colour can be responsible for evoking real emotion. We know that people can be afraid of introducing colour into their homes for many reasons, so Valspar wants to help give people colour confidence, and demonstrate to them that a home full of colour can be fun, vibrant and dynamic.

- "Colour can really help you make the most of the available space, so think about the size of the room you're painting. Light colours will always uplift a small room and make it appear bigger. In larger rooms you can use dark colours to make the room feel cosier or create a more dramatic effect.

- "Consider the natural light that you have available. Lighting can transform the colour on your walls. Valspar has light boxes on its chip rack in B&Q stores, giving you the chance to test out how your paint choices will look under different illuminations.

- "Think about the quality of the paint you're using. Valspar's premium paints feature a super scrub formula and undergo vigorous scrub testing, so paint won't fade. This is particularly useful for lighter colours that may show up marks if it's an area of high traffic and for any south facing rooms as the sun can fade colours over time.

"But most of all, remember to be confident, know what works best for you and go for it.

Decorating techniques people can use for a professional finish


“For that professional final look, Valspar offers a large range of finishes including matt, gloss, silk and mid-sheen. All our finishes deliver a high quality, professional look, but with any finish you should consider the type of room you’re decorating and which one would suit the space best - and of course make sure you’re working with the correct paint for that room. Our Kitchen and Bathroom paint contains a mould resistant formula for rooms exposed to moisture and comes in a silk finish which works perfectly to reflect the sheen of bathroom fixtures.

“In terms of design, it’s important to always think about the way in which you can approach particular rooms with different decorating techniques. For instance, a child’s bedroom is the perfect place to get creative; you can use stencils to make playful scenes on the walls. Think about your child’s interests and try something a little personal for them.

Couple painting wall

“In other rooms, such as a study or lounge, consider a bespoke design. Horizontal stripes will instantly elongate any small space and are a great way to make a small room appear larger. Use painter’s tape to get that perfect straight edge.

“Think about accent walls and try playing with similar tones of the same colour. A tonal scheme that combines shades of one colour makes any space visually ‘easy on the eye’ as there are no contrasting colours fighting for your attention and it creates a sense of serenity and calm. 

“A good idea is to make a mood board before you start and consider how your chosen wall colours for your walls will impact on your furnishings. Looking at a room in this way, and having a clear direction, will help your idea really come together and deliver that professional, considered finish.

Valspar Premium Blend v700 Walls & Ceilings is available in 2.5L, RRP £25.20 from B&Q stores nationwide.


Valspar - Bathroom

Use your colours to create a relaxing haven in your bathroom

“To create a relaxing environment, people often reach for calming colours such as greys and browns; however, when it comes to bathrooms it is best to avoid darker shades.  Many bathrooms lack natural light so work best with lighter hues or brighter shades.

“Colour inspiration can be taken from anywhere and Valspar’s unique colour matching technology enables you to scan and match any colour exactly. Be it the blue sky from a holiday photograph or the rich, soft hue of your favourite nail varnish, whatever shade makes you feel calm and relaxed, simply bring a sample to B&Q and that exact colour can be replicated in your bathroom to create your own personal haven.

Create Your Comfort Zone

“We're constantly battling being busy in all aspects of life and more and more we’re seeking respite from stress with products, tools and services that balance our fast-paced lifestyles. Our bathrooms are often the ideal place in the home to escape and unwind, so we expect to see more muted mid-tones that counterbalance busy living replicated when it comes to our bathroom colour schemes, with soft, calm, balancing and restorative shades growing in popularity.

Comfort Zone Palette

Valspar - Feline Frolic R116C                    Valspar - Cool Agave R257F                    

Valspar - Au Contraire R60C                    Valspar - Comfy Cozy R199D                    

Valspar - Cremini Mushroom R87C                    Valspar - Whisper Softly W36E

Valspar v500 Kitchen and Bathroom Paint is available in 2.5L, RRP £27 from B&Q stores nationwide.

Injecting colour into outdoor space

Valspar - Zen R254C

“When it comes to decorating, outdoor spaces are often overlooked but with the right shades, they can become an extension of the home. A garden can be the perfect place to let your imagination run wild and be brave with colour. For inspiration, you could use the plants in your garden; the colour of your bricks and pathway; even the shade of your garden door, fence or window frames. Perhaps you will want to coordinate with these, or enhance them by choosing a complementary shade.

Valspar - Seize the Day R217D

“When choosing exterior paint colours, it’s important to think about the natural colours that are already present. Plainer gardens can really benefit from a bold splash of colour, whilst those full of flowers might suit more subtle shades, providing a more neutral backdrop against which they can stand out.

Valspar - Cabana Glow R143D

“Valspar has over 160 new beautiful and durable shades to its Garden and Decking Colours range to brighten up exterior spaces. ‘Zen’ is the perfect shade for those opting for peace and tranquillity, whereas those looking for something brighter can opt for colours such as ‘Seize the Day’ or ‘Cabana Glow.’ Whether you want to create a specific colour scheme, or simply enhance the natural beauty of your garden, Valspar has a shade to suit.

“Weather-proof and with UV protection, Valspar Garden and Decking Colours give a long lasting finish that won’t crack or peel over time. With a six year colour protection guarantee, you have more time to sit back and enjoy your outdoor space.”

Valspar Garden and Decking colours have a Mid-Sheen finish and are available in 2.5L & 5L, RRP £22 - £39.98 from B&Q stores nationwide.


Don’t forget that, whatever your final paint colour choice – and whichever part of your home you are planning to rejuvenate – it is always best to rely on the expertise of our South London handyman services to complete what is always a tricky task. However high quality your paint is, we can guarantee that it won’t look as nice on the carpet as it does on your walls!

Image Credits: Valspar, Melanie Tata, NeONBRAND, William Felker

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