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Updating the garden for summer

Created: 14/06/2016

The garden is the ultimate space for entertaining family and friends in the summer months and updating the area can add a dash of warmth and sophistication regardless of the size of the space. Whether you are looking for fresh, new ideas to update the garden for summer, or your wooden fencing needs a little TLC to make it stand out in the sun, here at Handywork Solutions we have everything you need to make preparing your garden for the summer simple and easy.



updating the garden for summer

Whether you are refreshing the look of your current fencing or want to spruce up new panels, there are some really easy-to-use products and paints to update your fencing. There are many colours and types of paints to choose from, and many are specially designed to be long-lasting, durable and weather resistant.

It is best to paint your fence in the summer months so it will dry quickly and, of course, look at its best for when you’re entertaining your guests with a BBQ. Use an undercoat or primer before coating with your chosen paint as it will increase the life-span further. Or if you would prefer to sit back, relax and enjoy your newly transformed garden even more, get a helping hand from a London handyman service.  



updating the garden for the summer

Creating a border of colourful plants alongside your newly painted fencing is a great way to set off any garden party. If you have a slightly smaller garden, spread plants sporadically to create the illusion of space, trying to avoid using bushes and tall trees.

Layering plants around the borders by planting the smallest at the front, such as pansies, and slightly taller ones to the back, such as lupines, adds depth to your garden space. Look to include brightly coloured plants to attract bees, birds and other insects to create a world of activity when you aren’t occupying the garden space.



update the garden for the summer

Image Credit: Wicker Paradise (

One of the most important parts of updating any living space is the furniture. There are so many options to consider when looking for the right pieces for you and bear in mind the theme or style that you want to convey, as well as the practicality and comfort level.

Rattan furniture, such as that from London Rattan, is a great option to consider for your garden. The woven pieces are often found in seaside surroundings and patios, so adding them to your outdoor space will give an instant feel of relaxation and luxury. For ultimate beach vibes, choose a white/cream pillow to contrast with the natural colour of the woven rattan.

Other options include gas-powered heaters for cooler evenings or hammocks to truly enjoy the feeling of relaxation. But whatever you decide to purchase, make sure it does the job for your individual wants and needs!



updating the garden for the summer

Outdoor lighting can make a huge impact when updating your garden for the summer, creating an elegant exterior that you won’t want to leave.

Natural lighting in the form of garden torches look elegant in any surrounding space. They are available in many hardware shops and there are citronella options to repel insects that are prone to joining the party during the evening. Other examples include solar-powered fairy lighting to place around the fencing or a patio fire pit, such as those from Kadai which add warmth and rusticity to any party.

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