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Top organisation hacks for the perfect home

Created: 29/04/2019

When everything in your home is organised, it will help you to think clearly and be more productive. Make small changes around your home, from the way you fold your clothes to how you store your food, for a perfectly organised home. Read on to find out some of the best organisation hacks you can use in every room of the house.

Leslie Lehr from All Your Ducks In A Row, a blog dedicated to inspiring and creating organised designs for homes, shared thoughts on home organisation: “I believe organised design should be stylish and functional. When we eliminate clutter, we honour our home by creating a space that is welcoming, radiates pride, serenity, joy, relaxation, and comfort. I have learned how an organized home is beneficial for your mental and physical health”

Label everything

A row of labels

A perfect way to organise your kitchen is by using labels. Empty any dry foods into clear glass jars and label each of them. You could use normal stickers and markers, or for something more aesthetic you could use chalkboard labels. Place the jars away neatly, and next time you open the cupboard doors you won’t have to dodge falling cereal boxes as everything will be visible and secure.

Leslie continues: “Use clear acrylic or glass containers and canisters to store pantry essentials. Clear containers offer an airtight and stylish solution. In addition, the ability to see your dry goods creates an efficient method for managing your shopping list. A simple hack to customize clear containers and baskets is to use tags and pens.”

If you have a pet, buy a large container for their dry food. You can find containers that look great and can match your kitchen’s colour scheme plus they are a lot more appealing than having dog food bags on display in the kitchen.

Use office supplies in the kitchen

Another way to keep your kitchen organised is by using office supplies. Pen pots and filing trays also double as a great way to organise food and kitchen utensils. You can also add the filing trays into the fridge or freezer to separate different foods. A great tip is to turn a magazine storage container onto its side, and it can also be used to keep bottles of wine secure.

If you dread opening the under-the-sink cupboard, then it’s a good idea to install a bar from one end of the cupboard to the other. Hook any cleaning sprays onto the bar to keep them organised, and add plastic baskets underneath for sponges, cloths and other cleaning products.  

Make a wall organiser

A way you can organise and make your kitchen look great is by creating a driftwood wall organiser. Find three empty glass jars and a piece of wood, then use industrial glue to stick the jars onto the wood in an even row then hook the wood onto the wall. You can fill each jar with wooden spoons, baking utensils and cutlery, all of which will now be conveniently placed for when you need them. If you want help installing a wall organiser you can use a London handyman service.

Another wall organiser idea is one that will keep your shoes tidy. Hire a handyman to install rails onto your wall that will perfectly hang up any shoes, from high heels to trainers. This will keep them from cluttering your floor and will display them all so they’re easy to choose from each morning.

Drawer organisers

Inside organised kitchen drawers

Everyone has that ‘messy drawer’ in their office or bedroom which they dread opening, but an easy hack to change that is by using kitchen drawer organisers throughout your home. Not only can they keep cutlery separate, but you can also add them into your office desk to separate pens and office supplies.

You can also use a magazine file in drawers and on top of your desk to store other items such as a hairdryer and products. For the drawer that contains all electrics, make sure to use stick on cable clips to keep the wires tidy and organised.

Roll don’t fold

Rolled clothes in a drawer

Once you start rolling your clothes instead of folding, you’ll never go back. This way you have more visibility of the colours and different items, and it saves a lot of space. In any deep drawers, add baskets to organise the different types of clothing. Leslie says: “I love to use woven storage baskets to store household essentials. Baskets allow you to create zones in your pantry and linen closets.”

Another way to keep your wardrobe tidy is to use a towel rail on the back of the door. Instead of using it to hang towels, you can tie any scarfs around it and other accessories, keeping them all neatly on display.

If you don’t have a large wardrobe, then use double hangers and you’ll have double the amount of room to hang your clothes. For any precious items of clothing that you’re worried will become ruined in the wardrobe, an easy hack is to cut a hole in the top of the pillowcase and thread the hook of the hanger through, creating an instant garment bag.

How to achieve your organisation goals

Organised desk space

If you’re naturally a messy person, becoming an organisation extraordinaire can take a lot of practice. We spoke to Tracy from Blissfully Organised, a professional organiser who coaches people on how to declutter and organise their space as well as supporting her client’s mindset change. Tracy tells us her top tips on how to achieve your organisation goals: “First, prioritise by scheduling time in your diary to declutter and organise. Next, make small steps to declutter and organise in short blocks of time.”

“Value your space, visualise how you would like to enjoy your space, and celebrate success as decluttering and organising takes time. It’s so important to reflect on what but you have achieved so far.”

A key factor in keeping your home organised is by preventing the clutter in the first place. Try and cut back on buying items that will just sit in your home unused. Tracey says: “Stop the inflow, be conscious of what you bring into your home. Purchasing fewer items will save you money and time, as there will be less things to manage. Also, become guilt-free, don’t keep things out of guilt or obligation.”

Quick organisation tips

  • Empty dry food into glass containers and label
  • Use filing trays to organise food in the fridge
  • Create a glass jar wall organiser for cutlery and utensils
  • Use cutlery trays for office supplies
  • Roll your clothes and towels
  • Use cable clips to tidy wires
  • Use magazine containers for wine
  • Add a bar under the sink to organise cleaning sprays
  • Try to avoid buying more clutter
  • Visualise and reflect on what you can change in your home

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