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Tips to save money in your home

Created: 25/03/2019

Saving money can be difficult so we’re taking you on a tour of a money efficient home. Discover our tips and tricks on how to save the pennies in each room of the house! A few changes in your home and lifestyle can make all the difference to your long-term savings.  If you’re saving for a holiday, car or something for a rainy day then read on our money-saving hacks.

Living room

Living room sofa

In many households, the living room is the hub for the family. It’s the place where you can put your feet up, relax and watch a bit of TV. To save money, our tip is to do your research and get the best deal on your TV service by comparing providers. Often when you bundle your subscription with your internet and phone, you tend to get better value for money. If you have a fireplace in your living room, another money saving tip is to buy firewood in bulk during spring. Typically, this is the cheapest time to buy firewood plus the wood will dry out and be ready to burn by the time winter comes around.


Tidy kitchen

The heart of the home. The kitchen is somewhere everyone spends a lot of their time, but it can be tempting to eat out or order a takeaway. Eating out and buying ready meals from the supermarket can have a massive toll on your bank balance. Our tip to stop the temptation is to ensure you invest in your kitchen. This space needs to inspire you in order for you to create fresh food for yourself. We recommend creating a minimalist and tidy worktop so you always have room to prepare meals. If you are also partial to a takeaway coffee, it is worth investing in a cafetière so that you can enjoy an inexpensive version at home.

We spoke to Laura from the blog, Edinburgh Life With Kids about how her family save money: “Small changes is to find more affordable ways to do things you enjoy. We love takeaway but learned how to mimic some of our favourite dishes in the slow cooker. We also enjoy eating out so just arranged to have a meal at a friend’s house before inviting them in return. We chose a weekday and agreed a time limit so we didn’t intrude but could have something to look forward to that broke up the week.”

A great tip to save money in the kitchen is to meal prep. You can save money every week by planning your meals and buying your food in one big shopping trip. Laura continues: “A top tip for saving money at home is to meal plan, write a shopping list and stick to it! Food wastage is a big problem but is really just throwing money in the bin too. “


Bathroom with bath shower and double sink

Simply switching from having baths to showers can save you a considerable amount off your water bill. A top tip is to invest in a heated towel rail so that your towels can last longer before becoming damp, switch to washing most of your towels once a week to save money on water, detergent and energy! When it comes to shopping for your bathroom products try and buy the large size and then dispense the product into smaller containers as and when you need to. If you want to save your pennies, even more, you could try and create DIY cleaning products.

Switching to a more efficient showerhead can also have a positive effect on your bank balance. A water-saving shower head can save gallons of water each time you shower. Not only will you save money off your energy bill, but you will also help the environment by decreasing your water consumption! Another way to save money is by considering getting a smart meter, which will provide you with a real-time look at the amount of energy you’re using and how much it’s costing you.


Bedroom with double bed side table and wardrobe

A common mistake you may make is to leave your appliances left in the plug sockets. It can be easy to forget to turn everything off, especially if you have many people living in your home, but this is an easy way to lose money. Make it a routine habit before you leave the house to turn off any plugs that are not in use and you may start to notice a great effect it has on your energy bills. You can save even more money by ensuring any nooks or closets are closed when you are heating or cooling your bedroom, as this will reduce the amount of energy your central heating must use.

Dimmer switches are a stylish and effective way to save on your electric bill. They are the perfect addition to the bedroom and can be fitted by a professional handyman service. You can relax without fluorescent lighting plus you are saving money in the process. A handy top tip is to switch your light bulbs to LED lighting around your home and you’ll use around 75% less energy which will make a huge difference on your electricity bill.

You can also save money when it comes to your wardrobe. If your clothes are looking a bit worn, or in desperate need of updating, your first instinct will be to head to the shops and spend more money. Before you do this try a bit of DIY and update your existing clothes. It could be stitching up a few holes or completely revamping the look, sometimes all it takes is a needle and a thread to make your clothes last longer.

We hope you’ve found the points made helpful. Here is a quick list for you to reference any time you’re looking to save money in your home:

  • Compare TV providers
  • Buy firewood in advance
  • Invest in a cafetière
  • Meal plan
  • Switch to a water efficient shower head
  • Invest in a heated towel rail
  • Consider installing a smart meter
  • Turn off all plugs when not in use
  • Close room doors when heating is on
  • Install dimmer switches
  • Switch to LED lighting
  • DIY any old clothes


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