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Tips on how to revamp your utility room

Created: 21/02/2019

Whether you have a dedicated utility room or a simple cupboard to house your washing machine and cleaning supplies, our article will give you some ideas to help inspire you to create a fresh and clutter-free space.

Smart storage

Making the most of the storage space you have and being smart with the room available to you is something Sophia from As Said by Sophia recommends: “We’re not all blessed with ample storage space in our laundry room, that’s if you have one at all.

“Even if the storage available to you is simply the space under the kitchen sink there are still some simple DIY hacks that can make the most of what you’ve got. Check out Pinterest for hundreds of storage ideas, my favourite, and perhaps the simplest of them all is to utilise desk organisers to hold your laundry detergent, fabric softener and other cleaning products. Organise them by wash type, for example, whites and colours and then simply pull out the container you need depending on the wash you’re doing.”

Sophia went on to explain her favourite ways to give a room a refresh: “It’s no secret that one of my favourite ways to revamp a room is to change the cupboard door handles. With a simple lick of paint and some new handles, any storage space can be transformed in just a few hours.

“Another nifty way to completely change the look of a room without committing to a permanent change is to utilise tile stickers. Tile stickers come in a variety of patterns and styles and when used correctly can produce amazing results.” 

Customizable cupboard space and non-slip tiles when having a total revamp

Folded laundry

If you are going all out and embarking on a full-on revamp then consider investing in some built-in cupboard space. Jill from Jill Seidner Interior Designer said: “If possible, and you are customizing cabinetry or storage, I would recommend a tall cabinet that accommodates an ironing board, pull out bins to organize the laundry and having a rod to hang clothes out to dry.”

By having additional customised cupboard space you have a dedicated area built to fit your home and your needs. Items such as an ironing board can take up a lot of room, so if you can store that away in a purpose-built place your utility room will instantly feel less cluttered.

Another tip Jill suggests when having a total revamp is to install non-slip tiles, such as porcelain, and to consider choosing larger tiles, which means less grout to clean. Jill also said: “Having a sink is especially beneficial and having counter areas to be able to fold laundry if space allows.

Having a clear counter area to take stock and organise your freshly laundered clothes, measure out cleaning products or even just rest your ironing pile can make a big difference. 

A purpose-built sink area with underneath storage


Toni from Toni Sabatino Style shares Jill’s sentiments about having a sink area in your laundry room as it can have many uses. Toni explained: “I also think having a laundry sink for fine washables is important and I love that it can do double-duty for flower arranging and indoor gardening.”

We went on to ask Toni what her top tips are for giving laundry rooms a revamp. Keeping your space “neat and cheery” is simple, according to Toni: “Use light colours and good lighting and add some art or photos to make you smile while you are in there working.”

A Simple lick of paint

A simple lick of paint on the walls of your utility room can be a cost-effective way to instantly revamp your space. Make sure to swatch a few colour samples in a discreet place on the wall before committing, so you know you get the perfect colour. The colour you choose can impact the room’s ambience massively, SFGate stated: “Colour has everything to do with the ambience in a room, and light determines the perception of colour. Choose interior paint based on the mood you want to experience in a room, and how well the light supports that illusion. A room with few, no, or small windows receives little natural light. Skip the pastel or the white-on-white walls; instead, select rich jewel tones or mineral-dense colours.”

They went on to state that: “All-white is a minimalist favourite wall treatment for a reason. With enough light, the look is clean, luminous, expansive and au courant. Different hues have specific characteristics; intensity varies those qualities but doesn't erase them. Red is prominent and high-energy, while pink is flattering, hot-pink exuberant or pale-blush reassuring.

“Blue is cooling, soothing or decisive, depending on intensity. Yellow glows and is cheerful and warm, but too much can reflect in a jarring manner or cast sallow light over the skin. Soft yellow is delicate, while egg-yolk yellow is impossible to ignore.”

If the sheer number of colours and finishes of paint are too overwhelming then ask your local DIY store for support and advice. The staff will be able to guide you to make the right decision for your space.

If you are going to revamp your utility room but are concerned that your skills are not up to scratch then it is worth enlisting the help from handyman services. Not only can these skilled traders paint a room to perfection or retile a floor, but they can also assist with any other improvements you may need doing in your home.

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