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Theatre Gets Restoration with Help of Trainee Carpenter

Created: 09/01/2017

The restoration of anything can be a task, even simple house hold jobs, so imagine how a young apprentice carpenter felt when helping undertake a multi-million pound restoration of a historic theatre.

Theater Restoration Project

This was what faced eighteen year old James Owen, an apprentice from Bury, who has been putting his skills to the test when involved with the restoration of The Met theatre -- a popular performing arts venue.

Undergoing a £4.6 million transformation, focusing on improving the theatre’s performing and backstage areas, young James really had to channel his training and knowledge of carpentry to help with fitting skirting boards, arches, flooring and parts of the kitchen.

It was quite the challenge for the former Castlebrook High School Student, who said to the Bury Times, that he really enjoyed learning some “hands on practical skills” while being a part of this exciting project. 

Like James, Handywork Solutions also provide a professional hand for any restoration projects, big or small. If you are looking at improving your family home, here are a few projects you can look at tackling.

The Kitchen

Kitchen Restoration Project

For most families, the kitchen is the key part of the home. From feeding the kids to putting a romantic meal together for your partner, a happy kitchen means a happy home.

So if you are looking at your tops and cabinets and are feeling they could use with a little work, perhaps it’s time to give them some love. You’ll be surprised at how much replacing those worn wood cabinets or fixing up that kitchen door will change your cooking and eating environment for the better.

The Bedroom

Bedroom Restoration Project

Home is where your bed is, and after a long day at work there is nothing better than heading off to bed to recoup, but that’s only if your bedroom is a place you want to spend time in.

Often the bedroom can be a person’s only refuge, so if restoring that old fire place or inserting that custom walk in wardrobe will help to improve the rooms allure, perhaps it’s time to call in a professional London handyman service to finally spruce things up a little.

Making space

Making Space In Your Home Restoration

Anyone with a growing family knows that space is at a premium. Rather than make that leap to a bigger home, why not convert that space in the garage you don’t use? Or get a professional handyman to come in and give you some space-saving advice.

If your child is expecting a new brother or sister perhaps, and their bedroom is going to be a little cramped for two, why not knock down that wall into the adjoining study and create a space big enough for both your little ones to live and grow together. It’s amazing what you can do with a little inspiration, so exploring all options before jumping ship is always a great idea.

Image Credit: CookieMonster755 JamesDeMers  Architecturist  Wjwalrus

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