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Sydney Opera House is set for $202 million renovation work

Created: 15/08/2016

The famous Sydney Opera House will be undergoing major renovation plans in the next two years, with the work set to cost $202 million.

The renovation work will not only improve the acoustic sound within the main auditorium, but also modernise the surrounding interior, with upgrades to lounge, restaurant and seating areas. New lifts will be fitted for better accessibility throughout the building as well.

The Deputy Premier and Arts Minister Troy Grant told the IB Times: “The Sydney Opera House has played an important role in our nation’s history and embarking on these renewal projects will ensure that it continues to be relevant for generations to come.”

In terms of the new and improved acoustic features to be implemented, a new acoustic ceiling will be installed for better sound distribution and quality. Louise Herron, the Sydney Opera House chief executive, continued: “The problem is with the very high ceiling a lot of the sound that the orchestra actually makes rises and isn’t reflected down, so that the musicians on one side – for example the second violins – have trouble hearing the double basses.

“It means, it’s not such a good experience as it could be if the sound is more contained.

“A lot of the equipment is… old and anyone knows that technology has moved a long way and has worked really hard, so that need to be replaced.”

A new function centre is planned to accommodate 190 seats and 500 standing with additional passageways and stairs leading up to the main hall. Accessibility is also a key feature in the redevelopment of the Sydney Opera House, with 26 extra wheelchair spaces being created in various parts of the concert hall.

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