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Survey reveals Britons would rather hire a handyman than do DIY

Created: 29/10/2015

A recent survey commissioned by Swinton Insurance has discovered that more than half of Britons don’t feel brave enough to carry out minor repairs in their homes.

Just 49 per cent felt confident enough to put up a shelf, with the average person spending £300 on jobs that they could have done themselves. One in six would be happy to unblock a drain, while only 35 per cent of the 2,000 people surveyed would have a go at fixing a leaking tap.

Tradesmen such as plumbers in Beckenham have agreed with the view that people are shying away from DIY, with eight in ten suggesting that Britons are too quick to ask for help fixing something that they could complete themselves.


Basic property repair skills appear to be diminishing

Mark Hallam, head of products at Swinton Insurance, told This Is Money: “The findings make it clear that much more needs to be done to educate Britons on basic DIY. It's absurd that we spend hundreds of pounds on odd jobs we could do ourselves, particularly when family budgets continue to be stretched.”

While DIY can offer a cheap solution, it is not always the best option, as a botched job can cause much damage and end up being more expensive in the long run. Tradesmen believe that they spend at least two hours a day repairing DIY jobs that have gone wrong, with the most common call outs regarding changing a fuse.

Hallam agreed with this statement, and said: “Of course, the need for professionals is always going to exist, and there are some tasks only experts should handle, especially complicated electrical and plumbing jobs.”

Britons also admitted that they will leave issues such as squeaky floorboards and flushing radiators until they become a problem and require the help of a professional.

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