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Survey finds that UK public lack basic DIY Skills

Created: 10/04/2015

A recent poll has found that significant numbers of Britons are losing the ability to carry out simple DIY tasks, with some even saying they possess absolutely no DIY skills whatsoever.

It would seem that people would prefer to call on the services of a handyman in London and other regions rather than doing it themselves and risk getting it wrong.

The news comes after a survey was carried out by YouGov and questioned 1,900 people on their confidence and ability to carry out tasks around the home, finding that half of those wouldn’t be comfortable with wallpapering a room. Even the simple skill of changing a plug proved difficult for one in four of those asked. One in seven included in the survey also said that they would have issues building flat pack furniture. 

The Automobile Association also highlighted the lack of confidence of the DIY sector, after finding that a larger percentage of people were planning to visit garden centres (17 per cent) than compared to those visiting DIY stores (11 per cent).

UK public lacks confidence

It comes after Kingfisher, the owner of home improvement giant B&Q, announced the closure of 60 stores across the UK over the next two years. Its rival Homebase has also said that 80 of its stores will close by 2019, a staggering statement which shows the lack of DIY experience or interest shown by members of the UK public.

When speaking about the issue, Kingfisher Chief Executive Véronique Laury said that while the current generation has less knowledge than their parents, they have a willingness to learn. She added that help needs to be offered for those people to ensure their skills are brought up to speed.

While you may buck the trend and possess some basic DIY skills of your own, we would recommend calling in expert tradesman for larger jobs – such as our electricians and plumbers in Dulwich, Bromley and other London boroughs.

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