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Survey finds Britons spending more on DIY

Created: 15/07/2015

People all across Britain have started splashing out on DIY in recent months after so many years of holding back, a recent survey has revealed.

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While some people wouldn’t consider any home improvements without consulting an expert handyman service in London or other areas, the development shows that many are picking up the hammers and drills and taking tasks around their humble abode into their own hands.

Hailing from an article published by the Daily Mail – which can be read by clicking here – it seems that homeowners are once again beginning to spend more money on home improvements as the financial belts of the recession are loosened.

Debit and Credit card growth at fastest rate for three years

It comes after a study was carried out by Barclaycard, one which found that spending on credit and debit cards grew at the fastest rate for three years between April and June - a healthy 4.5 per cent rise on the year before. Barclaycard added that this surge could be partially attributed to a rise in spending at furniture and DIY stores. The data was achieved after Barclaycard analysed its own credit card and debit card spending data. Barclaycard said that the low inflation, combined with the growing economy and better pay rises, mean that people are more inclined to improve their homes.

When speaking about the rise in consumer spend, Chris Wood, of Barclaycard, said: “After a prolonged period of strained household budgets, consumers are making the most of the favourable economic conditions and enjoying the increase in their purchasing power.”

Backing this theory is a report that was recently published by The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, which found that many people were opting to fix up their current homes because of a lack of decent family homes on the market. The high cost of stamp duty fees also make the idea of renovating homes more appealing than finding a new home.

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