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Shoddy DIY leaving Britons considerably out of pocket

Created: 16/06/2015

Many Britons across the UK are being left thousands of pounds out of pocket because of substandard repair jobs; that’s the message coming from a study carried out by the Nationwide Building Society.

Although there are a host of jobs around the home that are easy enough to be taken on by the average-joe homeowner, it’s recommended that expert handyman services in South London are consulted for larger and more complicated tasks. 

According to the survey, 70 per cent of consumers who were asked admitted to giving tasks such as putting up wallpaper and painting a go themselves. A further 65 per cent said that they had attempted to bleed a radiator, along with the 62 per cent that claim that they attempted to improve the appearance of their garden.

Other popular jobs to be attempted around the home included insulating a loft (21 percent) and installing a new kitchen and bathroom, both covering 12 per cent of those questioned.

Another surprising statistic was that nine-in-ten who admitted to botching jobs covered the cost themselves rather than claiming on their home insurance.  

DIY Horror stories very common

The most alarming, perhaps, was the statistic that 12 per cent admitted to suffering DIY horror stories, where more than £200 worth of damage was caused, a figure that should certainly be a deterrent for anybody considering risky work on their homes.

When speaking about the revelation late last month, Martyn Dyson, a spokesman for Nationwide, warned homeowners to think about the jobs that need doing and to not rush into them as it could lead to more damage than good. He added: “stop and think about the job in hand, be realistic in your capabilities and make sure you are covered if things go wrong.”

If you are in dire need of some home improvement and don’t want to suffer the same fate as many of those that featured in the survey, the electrical, carpentry and plumbing services around Bromley and other London boroughs offered by Handywork Solutions offer an affordable and reliable solution. 

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