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Scientists develop chameleon-like house paint

Created: 16/10/2015

Chinese scientists have developed a new paint that is able to change colour in a variety of ways. The paint uses nano-sized cells, which can be controlled to inflate or deflate in order to detect visible light at different wavelengths. This generates different colours, causing the chameleon-like effect.

The invention may be the solution to arguments caused about colour schemes within the home, and can also help to alter the moods of those in the room. It is hoped that the colour of the paint will be able to be changed by using a smart phone in the future, which is a feature sure to be welcomed by many.

Chameleon paint has generated enormous interest

There are currently three different ways to change the colouring of the paint, using electricity, water and temperature. The first works by applying a small current to the metal core of the nano cells, which gives the metal a positive charge and pulls the cell’s crystalline shell inward. Then, when natural light hits the nano cells, the human eye sees different colours depending on the wavelength.

Spraying water on the painted walls will also cause a chemical reaction, with the most natural being a simple change in the warmth of the room. This may be a preferable method, as the paint will be able to alter according to the seasons, which many decorating fanatics already aspire to achieve.

Disappointingly, the scientists suggested that the biggest challenge would be manufacturing the tiny cells, which are only several hundredths the diameter of a typical human hair. Currently, the scientists are able to produce approximately 30 litres of paint per day, with estimates that the paint will hit shelves within three years.

However, in the meantime, why not call on painters and decorators in Dulwich to revamp your home with warm hues to match the autumn season?

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