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Rise in female manual trade workers

Created: 09/11/2015

Figures released by the Office for National Statistics show that women made up just 20 per cent of the workforce in 2014, although this is predicted to change in the near future.

By 2020, it is predicted that a quarter of manual trade workers such as a handyperson in London will be women, which will be significant progress for the construction industry as it has been predominantly male in the past. The manual trades have seen an increase in the past year, with women now accounting for six per cent of the total workforce, which is a very encouraging figure for those who may have considered a similar role. Certain colleges such as Bournemouth and Poole have also reported a 30 per cent increase in women signing up for painting and decorating courses.

Many more talented women are entering the construction industry

Experts have suggested that this is a great time for women to get on board with manual trade careers, with the number of construction and house-building companies on the up following the cash-strapped times of the recession. This means that the demand for painters and decorators is also likely to rise, meaning more job opportunities for female skilled workers. This evolution of working demographics has been extremely positive and has demonstrated the benefits of opening up male-dominated fields of work for women.

Sandie Webster, a recently qualified level three painter and decorator, told professional painting tools supplier Purdy: “It is important for any women who are training to be decorators to believe in themselves and their ability. It is vital to persevere with people, always be determined and treat every job as if it is your first. There will be times where you will receive negative comments, but just laugh off the banter and prove that you are equal, if not better. Confidence is key.”

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