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The Real Cost of Home Improvement in London

Created: 13/03/2015

Whether you have just moved into your new home, or have been on the property ladder for quite some time, it’s likely that home improvement projects are likely to be high on your agenda. If you are skilled with the tools of the trade then there’s nothing stopping you from transforming your house into a home. However, if you aren’t quite as experienced there’s a good chance you will need to call in a South London handyman.

If you are in the camp of the latter, the next thing you will need to consider is the price. While some tradesmen make the action of pricing up a job very difficult, we pride ourselves on our level of transparency and offer estimates on costing up front. This puts the customer in charge, and gives you the figures you need to make a final decision you’re happy with. As a further example of our clear approach to business, here’s our guide to job estimates all over the home.


The Bathroom

A room which is usually high on the list of DIY priorities, the bathroom serves as a sanctuary for cleanliness and relaxation, and it’s for this reason that it should be decorated to the exact specification of the homeowner.

As well as tiling the bathroom floor, we are also able to lay lino flooring from as little as £45! As we offer plumbing services in Bromley, Beckenham and other areas across South London, be sure to call us for all the jobs listed plus many more.


The Kitchen

So often a place where the family congregates, the kitchen is also one of the first rooms where guests are taken to when invited into the home – so it’s important that it stays at its brilliant best. From installing kitchen cabinets to laying the perfect laminate flooring, our guys can help create the kitchen of your dreams. Here are just a selection of jobs we are more than happy to tackle in the food factory.


The Bedroom

Aside from the lounge, the bedroom is the place where you will spend the majority of your time relaxing, so it has to serve as a haven for complete comfort and calm. For our example we’ve used an empty bedroom, allowing your creative mind to go into overdrive and let you create the perfect room for you.

In terms of our decorating work, we can also offer a full makeover service to help maximise the space in your home. From changing a garage into an extra bedroom or even turning a bedroom into the perfect office, call us today or complete our online form for an accurate quote for the cost involved.


Outside the Home

Without a sturdy and reliable roof, all your fantastic DIY work inside the home could be at serious risk should there be a sudden bout of heavy rain. Fortunately, our fantastic standard of work is also offered on the outside of your home, and as well as ridding the roof of any holes, there’s no end to the amount of jobs we can get our hands stuck into.

If you are interested in any other tasks around the home – both inside and outside – and are keen to find out more about how we can help you, feel free to call our team today and arrange a free viewing with no obligation.

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