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A quarter of home owners have put improvements on hold

Created: 09/08/2016

It’s been a month since we reported on how Brexit has affected London’s property market when the news of leaving the EU broke, but now research has revealed that a quarter of home owners have put improvements on hold due to the result.

“Has the recent Brexit vote and market uncertainty made you less likely to do any home improvements this summer?” was asked in a survey of 1,009 UK home owners over the age of 18 by kitchen workshop specialists Mayfair Granite.

There were some interesting answers, with 71% saying the vote hadn’t put them off, but a large majority would only consider emergency DIY and improvements to their home if necessary, such as electrical issues and minor plastering or decorating work.  

As many homeowners continue to seek handyman services in London for minor and major home renovation work despite the Brexit vote, it seems that DIY projects are still at the top of household lists. 

The home owners who had answered the previous question were also asked why they were holding off doing home improvements, with many replying with: “The lower pound causing prices to go up, job insecurity, housing market uncertainty and thinking of relocating outside of the UK.”

Speaking to the Property Report, Neil Beard from Mayfair Granite commented on the survey results, saying: “This survey shows that the Brexit vote has affected all parts of society with many wondering what this decision means for the future of the housing market, money markets and job markets.”

Neil added: “It’s interesting to see that 10% of those polled were thinking of relocating outside of the UK; whether this is a knee jerk response to the vote or not, it just shows the uncertainty that we are all experiencing right now.”

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