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Product Review: Purdy Marathon™ Roller and Revolution Frame

Created: 14/09/2015

For a recent painting and decorating project we used some specialist painting tools by Purdy for the first time. We give you our verdict on how we got on with some of their most popular tools and whether or not we would use them again.

The task

Our painters and decorators in Dulwich recently transformed a spare room from a “dumping ground” to an attractive spare bedroom that guests would love to stay in. The room had a “dark and characterless” feel to it, with the magnolia walls and dark furniture making the space feel uninviting. The existing walls were smooth and simply needed to be painted.

The products

The decorating tools used were the Purdy Revolution Frame together with the Marathon™ Roller. At the customer’s request, Wilko Silk Emulsion in Stardust and Moonlight White were used.

Purdy Marathon roller and frame

Getting the job done

Once the area had been cleared and the walls prepped for painting – a clean with sugar soap and the edges lined with painter’s tape – we first set to work on the three white walls. After cutting in about 3 inches, the Marathon™ roller was attached to the frame and the paint poured into a suitable container. The first impression of the frame was that the handle was exceptionally comfortable, but did not compromise on grip. The roller itself looked to be of good quality in comparison to previous standard quality rollers used.

After loading up the paint, it provided excellent coverage and no dripping when a large amount of paint was applied. The finish was smooth and colour was spread evenly. There was very little wastage, with two coats on all three walls achieved with only one pot of paint.

The feature wall in Stardust needed three coats to achieve an even look across the whole wall, but again the roller and frame worked very well. The roller was as good as ever on its second day of use, and the comfortable grip of the frame’s handle meant that there were no sore hands at the end of the job, unlike with previous wooden handles we have used. No blisters here!

Clean up was very easy. The roller came off the frame without too much trouble. Cleaning ready for the next day was very straightforward – the paint came off the frame easily and the roller just needed a good dousing of warm running water.

The result

Without changing the furniture at all, the room has an airy and welcoming feel to it. The furniture even complements the room despite being a bit of a mishmash of styles, as the colour of the room provides the perfect background for it to work.

Spare room before and after

Spare room - before and after 2

Verdict: we will certainly use Purdy’s products again. As well as delivering an excellent finish that impressed, they were comfortable and easy to use. ‘Professional’ is very much a word we would use to describe these painting tools.

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