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Poundland unveils range of budget DIY products

Created: 19/03/2015

Poundland has made a bold move into the realm of home improvements, unveiling a host of DIY products all available for just £1. While most will certainly call on handyman services in South London for more complex jobs, the low cost of the tools means that people are more likely to get their hands dirty on smaller jobs.

Showing that home improvement doesn’t always have to cost as much as you think, the budget retail chain with stores nationwide has teamed up with celebrity builder Tommy Walsh to create a range of 200 essential DIY items, all of which cost just a single pound each. From hammers and screwdrivers to packs of paint and brushes, this new range will help fill your toolbox for less.

Some of the other tools include a 7.5m tape measure, a tube of superglue, a one metre spirit level, a five-pack of screwdrivers and tubes of all-purpose filler. The range has been trialled and tested by tradesman and claim that it is robust and easy to use.

Walsh, who became famous for his appearances in programmes such as Ground Force and Changing Rooms, claims that the products are five or six times more expensive in the leading DIY stores, an example being the paintbrush set, which could cost as much as £6 at a renowned DIY retailer.

The move from Poundland comes shortly after the home improvement chain Homebase announced the closure of 80 stores across the country.

Although our electrical, plumbing, carpentry and electrical work in Beckenham and other London boroughs are perfect for big jobs around the home, the range of tools from Poundland mean that simple home improvement doesn’t have to cost the earth.

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