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The only painting guide you will ever need

Created: 28/11/2014

While you may feel that your front room, dining area or bathroom is in need of a lick of paint, many will shy away from getting amongst the brushed and would rather have the work done by an expert handyman in South London. However, if you do choose to take on the job for yourself, here’s our expert guide to help you master the art of the perfect stroke.

Types of Paint

If you thought choosing the right pot of paint would take just a few minutes of work you’re very much mistaken, and depending on the area you are planning to cover and the finish you want to achieve, it’s not recommended to rush in and get the first pot of paint that you see.


Designed to offer a hard wearing quality and high resistance to dirt, gloss paints are a popular choice for painting furniture around the home. There are five main variants of gloss paints: liquid gloss, satinwood, eggshell, polyurethane gloss and silathane. Liquid gloss, polyurethane gloss and silathane are thought to offer the most protection, while satinwood and eggshell give a more subtle finish than the conventional shine. Brands to keep an eye out for include Johnstones, Farrow & Ball and Dulux.

Types of paint


Because modern emulsion paints are water-based, it means that they offer an incredibly hard-wearing property. It also offers less smell and a quicker drying time, perhaps why they are often the choice for walls and ceilings. The three main types are vinyl matt, vinyl satin, vinyl silk. Vinyl matt is known to not show dirt, although it’s not as wearing as the other two. Vinyl silk is a good choice for bathrooms or areas of high humidity and moisture. Vinyl satin is more durable than vinyl matt and is recommended for areas that will need a good sponge once in a while.

Blackboard Paint

Perfect for kid’s bedrooms, blackboard paint can instantly turn any surface into a blackboard – meaning that you won’t get angry when the youngsters decide to display their artistic flair on the walls. If you are in the market for blackboard paint, products from Rustins come highly recommended. For more ideas about how you could use blackboard paint, why not check out this Pinterest board.

Chalk Paint

Offering a finish like no other type of paint, chalk paint is an incredibly versatile paint that can cover any surface with almost minimal preparation. It also dries very quickly, making it an attractive choice for people who want to quickly give a room or their wooden furniture a quick splash of colour. Annie Sloan is the expert when it comes to chalk paint, having specialised in creating the perfect product for over 20 years.

Other Specialist Paints

Radiator Paint

Radiators cannot be painted using standard matt and emulsion, as the fluctuating heat will cause the paint to dry out and peel off. With this in mind, it is important to use special radiator paint – such as the products from Hammerite. As their paints are heat resistant, quick drying and emitting less odour, they are the perfect product to offer a finish you can be proud of.

Brushes & Rollers

Alongside paint, the right kind of brush is needed to ensure an even and smooth finish – whatever you need to paint. Coming in all different sizes and materials, each have their own pros and cons.

Brushes and Rollers

If you are looking to paint a large area such as an interior wall or ceiling, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to purchase a roller. As well as covering an area evenly, they also allow you to paint a large area far quicker than you would with a conventional brush.

When choosing your brushes, always go for one with natural bristles. The better quality of bristles, the better finish it will leave on the wall. Something else you may wish to consider is the handle. While this may only seem aesthetic, it’s important to make sure the brush is comfortable to hold as it will be in your hand for a long time!

However, in saying this, a roller doesn’t offer the same level of intricacy as a brush, and trying to fill in corners with a roller could get very messy. It’s always recommended to ‘cut in’ before using the roller, painting the corners and tight areas with a brush before linking them up afterwards using the roller. Remember the smaller the brush, the best chance you will have of covering a tight area. If you are looking for brushes, products from Harris are highly recommended.

There are also specialist rollers available to get in behind radiators, a task that can prove difficult if you are unable to temporarily remove them from the wall.

If you want a mess-free experience and want to get the job quicker than normal, the Dulux PaintPod will help you paint an area in just a matter of minutes. Without the need to cover the floor with a dustsheet or any other protection, you literally just pick up the roller, press the trigger and get painting. To learn more, check out the below video.

Decorating Tools

If you don’t have the luxury of a PaintPod and are relying on a standard brush, you will need to protect your area to ensure your carpet of other areas don’t get dirty – or you don’t paint the areas you didn’t mean to.


In the case of the latter – FrogTape is the product of choice for thousands of decorators across the country.

When we got in touch with FrogTape, they provided some further information about why you should pick some up the next time you’re out shopping:

“FrogTape®, the UK’s No1 and favourite painters' masking tape, is the only tape treated with PaintBlock® Technology, which forms a micro-barrier that seals the edges of the tape, to prevent paint bleed. The result is very sharp paint lines, so you can get really creative without worrying about touch ups!

Decorating tools

Gloss and Satin joins Multi-Surface and Delicate Surface in the FrogTape® range and has a new, modified polymer to make it as effective as possible for gloss and satin paint. It can be applied up to 21 days before use and is designed for use on cured and painted surfaces, skirting boards, architraves, glass, frames and doors.

It comes in a vibrant orange so you can’t miss it on-shelf. Sold in all good DIY and homestores including B&Q and Homebase, FrogTape® Gloss and Satin is available in two sizes, 24mm and 36mm, with RSPs of £8.49 and £9.99 respectively.  The packaging includes full instructions as well as helpful decorator tips and tricks, which are also added to on the brand’s updated website”

-Frog Tape

Dust Sheets are always necessary

Dust sheets are a necessary item for even the steadiest of painters, because even the tiniest bit of paint can ruin a carpet if it dries in. If you are painting in a room with carpets in, make sure to get dust sheets made from a non-permeable material – such as polythene. For other surfaces, regular cotton sheets are ideal as they are much easier to manoeuvre, plus their woven compound means they are more likely to stay in place.

We hope that our guide can be of great use when you plan to decorate your home. However should you still feel that a professional would provide a better job, the team at Handywork Solutions are more than happy to complete a job you can be proud of. As well as providing expert plumbing work in Beckenham, they are happy to take on all manner of other jobs around the home – especially painting and decorating.

Image Credit: Mediagram – This image has been edited from the original, Severija, Africa Studio (, FrogTape

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