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Nick Knowles transforms the life of ill teenager for DIY SOS

Created: 07/02/2017

Nick Knowles and the team behind DIY SOS are being hailed after transforming the home of a sickly teenager.

Popular Wednesday night BBC One DIY show, DIY SOS, left fans in an emotional state after seeing what was achieved on behalf of Antonia Payne Chenye who is suffering with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

The disease, which causes her joints to dislocate on a frequent basis and therefore rendering her unable to eat normally, has restricted her to a hospital bed for the past few months.

But enter Nick Knowles, now being praised as a hero, and the DIY SOS team, who after hearing of Antonia’s plight, gathered together a group of builders and transformed her home.

Re-vamping the house’s entrance, bedroom and living spaces, the guys have provided a space for Antonia that now accommodates her wheelchair and made a sterile space for medication and oxygen points.

Knowles, who some are saying should receive an MBE for his working helping this young lady return to her family, enlisted the help of carpenter Mark Millar, builder Julian Perryman, plasterer Chris Frediani. electrician Billy Byrne and home style consultant Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, along with hundreds of volunteer builders from Worcester.

Antonia, after returning home from the hospital, was overjoyed by what she saw, saying that “You have given me a new chance at life” and that “It’s absolutely perfect”, telling Knowles and crew that they had changed her life.

The episode obviously resonated with viewers, with many clamouring to twitter in order to express their appreciation for the show and what was done for Antonia.

What was achieved here, and for such a good cause, really shows what can be done given the right amount of imagination and the services of a professional handyman or two. It’s inspirational stuff and really gets across what a community can be capable of when coming together.


Image Credit: BBC

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