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New research reveals Brits’ DIY habits

Created: 29/08/2017

New research from the Halifax bank and insurance company has revealed some interesting facts about the way Brits’ DIY habits and aspirations are changing.

The study was full of interesting statistics, including the eye-catching assertion that only 22% of us believe that we live in our ‘dream home’. Perhaps more surprisingly, this is also the case among 62% of homeowners who have houses worth £500,000 or more.

The report – which is discussed at length in this Property Reporter article – also reveals that around two-thirds of people have made home improvements over the last two years; and, whilst the average spend for most of this work was between £2,000 - £5,000, one fifth have spent upwards of £11,000.

Regional data was also scrutinised as part of the survey, with London named as the UK area where the most large-scale property changes are being made. According to the results, planning applications for domestic work in the city rocketed by an astonishing 60% between 2012 and 2016.

At the other end of the scale, Scotland’s growth in applications of a similar nature was a comparatively tiny 3%, with the number of submissions actually falling in the 12-month period of June 2015 – May 2016.

Basement conversions are on the up!

The survey also told us more about the kind of work which people are investing their hard-earned cash in, and the findings are indicative of changes in the way we want our homes to look. For example, planning applications for conservatories have fallen by 3% since 2012, whilst loft conversion proposals have risen by 43% in the same period.

Incredibly, basement conversions have grown by over 180% over the last five years – something which the housing historian Melanie Backe-Hansen puts down to ‘a lack of space in our cities and towns’.

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Image Credit: Philip Swinburn

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