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New Men’s Sheds space opened by Alex Salmond

Created: 12/12/2016

The innovative Men’s Sheds movement is gaining momentum across the UK, and its success has just been highlighted by Scotland’s former First Minister.

Men’s Sheds is a unique project which provides men in communities around the length and breadth of the country with a place where they can get together to work on personal or collaborative DIY projects – whether they be woodwork, metalwork, electrical repairs or almost anything else - whilst enjoying the company of other likeminded individuals.

There are already over 350 Men’s Sheds in operation today, with more than 80 further facilities currently in development. The organisation’s website estimates that approximately 7,000 UK men are taking advantage of the tools, space and opportunities for forming friendships that the sheds provide.

The newest shed was opened on Friday 9 December by the previous head of the Scottish government and the current MP for the constituency of Gordon in Aberdeenshire, Alex Salmond. The facility, in the town of Inverurie, was allowed to be established through a funding pledge of £20,000 from the Postcode Lottery and National Lottery, and Salmond was full of praise for the building and the project as a whole.

Speaking to the Aberdeen Press and Journal, Salmond said: ‘The Men’s Shed movement is an important part of our vibrant, diverse and inclusive communities and plays a part in making the world a less lonely place for our elderly and vulnerable neighbours’. The MP, who confessed that he is not ‘handy’ at all, also jokingly added that ‘this facility is top notch; I don’t know what half the machines are!’

Anyone who has needed to make use of affordable handyman services in London will know that practical skills do not come naturally to everyone, and that it is usually best to leave most tricky tasks to the professionals! However, if you are a dab hand at any DIY jobs and fancy meeting some new people, why not find out where your nearest Men’s Shed is and pay them a visit?

Image Credit: summonedbyfells

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