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New DIY App Will Help Your Handyman See Through Walls

Created: 05/05/2017

A new DIY app will give you and your handyman the ability to see through walls.

Phone app

WalabotDIY is a new X-ray vision DIY app that could completely change the way we go about home-remodelling and house improvements.

The app utilises technology previously used for spotting tumours in breast cancer patients, and now can help us see pipes, wiring, and stray nails behind walls.

In order to use the app, you need to attach the WalabotDIY power pack to the back of your phone and then hold it over the part of the wall you wish to scan. It can then tell you what is behind it for depths up to 10cm.

The WalabotDIY can see through cement, dry wall, and wood.

This will certainly improve home repair type jobs all over the country, allowing for tasks to be accomplished both more safely and simply.

But just because you can now spot the issue that was once obscured doesn’t mean you will have the technical know how to fix it. Luckily your London handyman service has all the requisite skills to help you accomplish your desired projects.

There are various other DIY apps available to help you in dealing with small tasks before contacting your local handyman service. We have listed a few of them below.

phone apps

Handy man DIY

Handy Man DIY has the aim of being a complete project manager during your various jobs. It helps you organise individual tasks, assign materials, and even costs for those materials. The app is also capable of calculating the size of your walls and floors in your home, helping you decipher just what it is that you require.

Photo Measures

Photo Measures is an app that helps you out during the course of painting and decorating your home. When shopping for paint, instead of having to rely on a bit of paper for the dimensions of your soon to be painted wall, Photo Measures allows you to annotate photographs with measurements helping you to figure out just what you require. 

Screwfix Toolbox

You might know Screwfix as a retailer of DIY supplies, but did you know that they have a handy app as well? Screwfix Toolbox combines the ability to purchase the tools you need with tutorials on how to tackle certain projects. The app includes a project cost calculator to help you keep on top of your budget. 

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