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Men more likely to call in handyman services for DIY jobs

Created: 15/02/2016

Thought of yourself as the next DIY hero, or think you know all the tricks of the trade? A study has found that men are no longer able to carry out simple home improvement tasks and are having to pass the job over to the professionals and their local handyman services.


Of those who took part in the survey conducted by popular men’s clothing retailer Jacamo, half can wire a plug and only five are able to fix a dripping tap.


Three in five men would feel the need to call a plumber in order to correctly unblock a toilet and a third said that they be able to confidently construct and build flat-packed furniture from scratch.


Speaking to the Mail Online, Jenni Bamford from Jacamo said: “It's interesting to see how skills from previous generations had fallen by the wayside.


“In general we do seem to be less attracted to tasks that involve getting our hands dirty and more reliant on professional garages for anything to do with our cars and tradesmen for smaller jobs around the home.


“On the plus side there does seem to be a more even distribution of domestic duties within the home with more men being able to work everyday appliances such as washing machines, hoovers and dish-washers, which is something many of their grandfathers would never have contemplated.”


Putting a shelf up in the home was something just 37 per cent of men said they could do properly, whilst 29 per cent owned a fully stocked tool box with at least two power tools to do so.


However, for what the participants lacked in DIY skills, they made up for in more domestic tasks, with nine in ten announcing their capabilities in making and cooking a good barbecue.


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