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Keep your home in tip top condition with these plumbing tips

Created: 13/03/2014

Home is the place where we should all feel able to relax and build happy memories. When a problem comes along which results in the frantic calling upon of London handyman services, it can feel like the biggest problem in the world because it's happening in your personal space where all you want to do is relax. To help lower the chances of this and to keep your plumbing in good order, one of the essential parts of a fully-functioning household, why not follow these top tips?


1. Don't pour oil and grease down the drain

Although it may seem quick and easy to just pour that used oil down the drain and forget about it, it can congeal and cause smelly, greasy clogs to form in your pipes. A simple solution is to keep an old margarine tub handy and pour used oil into that, before putting the lid on and throwing it away with the rest of the household rubbish.


2. Call in the experts

A house's plumbing is a sensitive thing and experts are the right people to deal with it. Trying to fix a small problem yourself can soon lead to a catastrophe, so knowing when to give a professional plumber a call is a valuable tool.


3. Maintain your water heater

The water heater may be tucked away out of sight, but keeping it out of mind too could cost you dearly. Flushing the tank and checking the anode for rust once a year will help prolong the life of your water heater, which could save you from shelling out hundreds of pounds on a replacement prematurely.


4. Tackle a problem before it gets worse

A problem such as a slow dripping tap may seem insignificant, but tackling it before it gets worse could save you huge amounts of money in the long run. Any good plumber in Bromley will be able to sort out a small problem like this quickly for a fraction of the cost that an expensive repair job or replacement fitting would come to.


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