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How to prepare your home for Christmas

Created: 26/11/2019

Christmas is a busy time of year. With parties happening and guests staying over, your home is likely to be in most use during the festive season. Even if you’re not partial to hosting, the cold weather can mean you spend more time indoors cosying up by the fire enjoying a festive film. So, it’s a great idea to spend some time preparing your home for the season. In this guide, we reveal our top tips.

Christmas living room

Clean and tidy each room    

You may be more familiar with spring-cleans, however, having a quick clean and tidy of each room in your house before Christmas arrives can make all the difference! Before you dig up and dust off the Christmas décor, make sure to sort through your belongings and have a declutter, making room for your festive ornaments as well as the presents you’ll receive on Christmas day. Give your fridge a clean, hoover the carpets and dust off any surfaces so that your home is clean and ready for its festive makeover.

We spoke to Catherine Hughes, a home and garden lifestyle blogger from Growing Family, for her tips on how to prepare your home for Christmas: “We always have a big clear out and tidy-up towards the end of November. This creates space for decorations and new presents, while also making it much easier to give the whole house a thorough clean before the decorations go up.  This year we’re finishing off some decorating projects too; I find Christmas is always a great motivating deadline.”

Create a warm atmosphere


Feeling cosy inside your home whilst it is cold outside is one of the best parts about winter. In preparation for Christmas, spend some time placing a few cosy additions around the home, from warming candles to fairy lights.

Victoria from Victoria’s Vintage, a travel and lifestyle blog, tells us how she creates a warm atmosphere in her home: “When preparing my home for Christmas, the fairy lights go everywhere! Not just on the tree, but on mantelpieces, around bannisters – in fact, wherever possible around the house. We also plug them into an Amazon smart plug, and they can be controlled by a smartphone so that we don't have to keep rummaging around behind the Christmas tree to turn them off each night!”

Adding textures around your home is another great way to create a cosy atmosphere. Place soft rugs on the floor, drape chunky knit blankets on your bed and add extra cushions onto your sofa.

Transform the spare room

Christmas is a busy time for the social calendar, so it’s best to be prepared for unexpected guests in your home. Spend a bit of time transforming your spare room into a guest bedroom. Change the bedding, clear away anything you have been storing in the room and make space in the drawers and wardrobe for your guest’s belongings.

Victoria from Victoria’s Vintage adds: “If you've got guests staying over the festive seasons, add some love to the spare bedroom. Make sure there's somewhere for them to hang their sparkly frock and provide a full-length mirror. You can also add an extra special touch by putting fluffy towels on the bed and cosy slippers or socks!”

Bring out the festive décor

Christmas tree

Of course, you can’t forget to put up the festive decorations! Whether you like to put them up at the beginning of December, a few days before the big day or you like to have help from a handyman service in London, the decorations are a vital part of preparing your home for Christmas, especially if you plan to have a festive gathering. Add a wreath to your front door, a Christmas tree in your living room and a couple of stockings hanging from the fireplace and you’ll be good to go!

Catherine from Growing Family continues: “I love making my home feel festive and welcoming for Christmas visitors, and the kids like to get involved too. Putting up the decorations is always a big day; I love to spend more time baking and cooking at this time of year too.  The other thing I spend more time than usual on is list-making - I couldn’t survive Christmas without being really organised!”

Be prepared with extra seating

Christmas table decor

If you’re hosting Christmas this year, try to start thinking about seating arrangements well in advance to avoid last-minute a stress. Plan how everyone will fit around the table for dinner, as well as if there are enough seats in your living room for when everyone settles down for a film or game in the evening,

Be realistic

Christmas is all about spending time with your loved ones, so if your home isn’t exactly how you imagined it, don’t let it spoil your fun. Be realistic with your expectations and how much you’ll be able to prepare before Christmas day rolls around.

Catherine from Growing Family continues: “My number one tip is to be realistic. It’s very easy to get carried away trying to create the perfect Christmas for everyone, and stress yourself out in the process - it’s important that you enjoy Christmas too. Try to remember that guests are coming to enjoy your company, not to inspect and judge your home.  From experience, I would also say that you will always need more batteries and charging points than you think!”

If you need help transforming your home so that it’s ready for Christmas, don’t hesitate to have a helping hand from a handyman service in London.

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