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How to make the ultimate kids’ room

Created: 22/05/2015

how to create the ultimate kids' room

Decorating a new baby or kids’ room may sound like a fun prospect, but it can be a bit daunting. In the current market of online shops and new technologies there is more choice now than ever before. So just where do you start?

Once you have enlisted the help of your local London Handyman to ensure the space is safe and the major works are complete, then you can have some fun. If your child is old enough, be sure to include them in the design process, their creativity might just surprise you, but in the meantime we have put together a list of some of the best options and features in order to make the ultimate kids’ room.

The bed

It may be the biggest challenge in the room but the bed is a space that can inspire the rest of the room’s design. They’re not going to be young forever and if they’re going to grow out of it you might as well go all out and get a kids’ bed they’re going to remember. The current market has a great range of beds for children of all ages and at a fraction of the cost as they once were. From a castle to suit your little princess to a spaceship for your little spaceman (or alien!) the options are endless.

Bedtime Bedz is a family-run business that produces the most amazing themed children’s beds. Guaranteed to be safe, high quality, easy to assemble, fun and affordable, they can really help realise your dreams for your child’s room. The Digger Bed, pictured here, is just one example of what they can achieve. With number plates, front working lights and an orange beacon roof light all available as add-ons, what little worker wouldn’t want this to go to sleep in every night? Check out their gallery for more of their great designs.

The bedding

Once the bed is sorted you will want to make sure that the bedding doesn’t let it down. eatsleepdoodle is an innovative company that has just the answer for your little budding artist. Their range of draw on, wash off products means that the kids can run riot with the felt tips and not have to suffer the wrath of mum. The doodle duvet and doodle pillowcases make bedtime fun, where together you can doodle pictures to go with your bedtime stories and invite fun new games, without having to worry about the doodles coming off in the wash.

‘When I grow up I’m going to be…’ How often have you heard your child utter those words? Whether it’s made you burst with pride, or perhaps hope they might change their mind down the line, Children’s Rooms helps encourage their dreams with their fantastically creative kids bedding sets. Princess, ballerina, astronaut or fireman, no profession is out of bounds come bedtime.

The furniture

In addition to getting the kids involved with the design process, why not get them involved with the making process too? The Cardboard Guys make this possible, and most importantly safe, with their Kids Imagination Furniture. With a simple assembly method, kids can create and build their own desk and chair, and decorate however they please. Able to hold over 220 kg, they are hugely strong as well, so you don’t have to worry about it collapsing as they doodle away.

The walls

Gone are the days where a lick of paint and a couple of stencils can cut it on your child’s walls, instead there are now a whole host of ways of livening up your kid’s room both practically and aesthetically. Before you rush ahead with the wallpaper and paste, however, be sure to have an evaluation carried out by a trusted Beckenham electrician to ensure you are not accidentally covering up any potentially dangerous electrical faults. Once that is done you can start planning your child’s walls. Here we’ve rounded up a great selection of options to consider.

Vinyl Impressions is a fantastic creative company that design the most innovative wall stickers and decals. Producing products for both kids, the home and the office, their portfolio is certainly impressive. While the whiteboard vinyl sticker is suggested for an office space, we think it’s a great idea for your kids’ room where they can freely draw on the walls without seeing your temper soar. Similarly, many of the child’s stickers offer great inspiration for the rest of the room and its theme. The Peter Pan’s Shadow sticker is a particular favourite; place it on the wall or over the corner onto the ceiling and it will look as though Peter Pan’s shadow is right there with you at story time.

Want to encourage your child to learn to tell the time without sticking a clock that is less than child-friendly above their bed? Kids Wall Stickers has the perfect solution with their beautiful wall clock stickers. Bright and colourful, they making learning to tell the time fun and enjoyable. Choose from cats, dinosaurs or a pattern that helps them associate the time with their daily activities, such as tea time and nap time. They also bring the unsightly height chart into the 21st century with numerous designs for monitoring your child’s growth, so it really is a chart you will want to keep and cherish.

Continuing with the wall theme, children’s product company Becky and Lolo make storage beautiful with their themed shelves. From Princess Palace to Pirate Ship, even their bookshelf can be personally picked out to complement your newly designed room. They also have a great range of other kids’ room ideas to fuel both your imagination and theirs!

We would love to see what kids’ room ideas you come up with – share your photos on the Handywork Solutions Facebook and Twitter pages.

If you have any more ambitious plans for your child’s room, just give us a call: our experienced team can help with any makeover plans you might have in mind, no matter how big or how small!

Image Credit: Children’s Rooms, Designed and manufactured by Bedtime Bedz Chester Ltd, eatsleepdoodle, Children’s Rooms, The Cardboard Guys, Vinyl Impression, Becky and Lolo

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