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How to get your guest room ready for Christmas

Created: 14/10/2016

Christmas is fast approaching; mince pies are in the stores, people are buying their presents, but your guestroom is still nowhere near inhabitable for the influx of family and friends that are coming to visit.

Fear not, with our top advice and with a little bit of help from some handyman services, you’re guest room will no longer be confined as a storage locker for last year’s unwanted gifts. 

The bed

A bad nights sleep can ruin a trip, so before having guests stay in your spare room its worth revisiting the bed. Perhaps it has the mattress that has been rejected by you and your partner and deemed inadequate by your kids, so do you think your guests are going to want to sleep on it?

If you don’t want to get a new mattress, why not just have a re-jiggle of the others in the house. You would rather that you or your kids put up with the unwanted mattress for a couple nights, than having disgruntled guests thinking poorly of their stay.

You should wash and change the sheets and bedding around a week before you are expecting visitors. The smell and the freshness makes the bed so much more welcoming and comfortable, the guests will feel like they are sleeping in a brand new bed.

Add extra blankets, pillows and perhaps a throw. It will give the guests a bit of freedom and make them feel like they can properly relax, rather than worry about whether the pillow is filled with feathers or is nylon.



A cold house is uncomfortable and not very welcoming for your guests. No matter how many blankets you put on their bed for the night, they will not enjoy the struggle of trying to escape the warm embrace of their duvet when the rest of the room is freezing cold in the morning.

Having a new boiler will not only take up less space than older models, they can add £5,000 to your property’s value.

It also saves the embarrassment of an in-law walking down to breakfast in the morning covered in shampoo to tell you the hot water has gone off.

Or you can replace the radiators, allowing you to choose your own personal style for the room.


During the holidays, the TV is flooded with repeats and childhood classics for all ages, meaning it is often a nightmare deciding what to watch with your family.

Inevitably, everyone’s favourite re-run or Christmas related film is on at the same time, so why not put a spare in the guest room? It gives them the freedom that their own remote offers, while avoiding potential arguments. 

Brighten the room

A fresh lick of paint can utterly transform a room, and getting someone in to do the decorating relieves some of the stresses around an already frantic time of year.

Remember, you don’t need to paint the room just for your guests at Christmas, you can treat it as a test run. If you get plenty of compliments from them, great, leave it. If not, simply repaint again.

But you don’t have to commit to repainting the entire room to give it a face lift; new shelves, ornaments or flowers on the bedside table and tasteful Christmas decorations all give a bit of life to a room.

Clear some space

Clare, creator of Emmy’s Mummy and blogger of all things household to entertaining children, offered her top tip for making the most of your guest room this Christmas.

“My Tip is to make full use of any cupboards and to clear the room as much as possible for guests. The more that's put away, the more room they have and the less chance of something getting broken.”

You should be conscious of suitcases or big bags, so allow for enough floor space for one, especially if your guests are only staying for a couple of days and are therefore unlikely to unpack.

By simply moving a few things around, putting the bed into another part of the room and decluttering, you can make the room look twice as big. This is important. You do not want anyone feeling claustrophobic, this extra space coupled with a new bright coat of paint and a couple of mirrors will give the illusion of a much larger room.

Cater to their age

For younger guests, pack even more cushions, pillows, blankets and sheets into the room. Kids love building dens and getting creative, so why not store a few spares in the room to feed their imagination. 

Have a few magazines or games available, as something to do while they sit in their blanket castle.

For older guests, magazines and books can be left in the draws or on the bedside table, but why not add a few extra seating options?

It’s hard to sit and enjoy a book perched on the side of a bed, but an extra armchair in the corner facing the telly or window will offer another comfortable option.

Bathroom basics

Inevitably, one of your guests will forget a toothbrush or a towel, so make sure you have some spares in the room.

It can be as simple as a couple spare towels, some toothpaste and a comb. You don’t want your bathroom pillaged and find that on Boxing Day, you’re out of shampoo or shower gel.

Image Credit: Max Charping

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