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The home improvements NOT to make

Created: 20/05/2015

Green bathroom

A recent survey has found a list of top home improvements that home owners shouldn’t be making. According to a Barclays Mortgage survey, which took into account findings from 2,000 people, there are a number of so called ‘home improvements’ that could actually turn a buyer off of a property.

At the top of the list was an avocado coloured bathroom, where 62 percent of those polled said it would put them off. While findings suggest that enlisting the help of a handyman in London for home improvements could add as much as £31,000 to the value of your property, home owners are being warned to be cautious about the home improvements they choose to make.

“Simple is best”

“Simple is best”, that’s the view from TV property expert Phil Spencer, as reported here. Of such home improvements, Spencer said that while “It's fascinating to see such a large appetite for home improvements in the UK […] over the years, I've learnt that simple is best and to keep improvements as neutral as possible.”

He also said that “the UK's current view on home improvements and the most offensive styles, is something every home improver should be aware of.”

Also making the list of home improvement no-nos were woodchip wallpaper, where 60 percent of those asked said it was a property turn-off, stone cladding at 54 percent, flocked wallpaper at 49 percent, and artex ceilings at 47 percent.

In addition to superficial improvements, it is also vital to get a reputable Bromley electrician in to check all of your wiring if you are looking to sell your London property, as dodgy electrics will be more than a turn-off for a potential buyer.

When the amount of money you could achieve in property value with home improvements is considered, where a 30m² extension could add an extra £156,000 to a London property worth £464,000, it is certainly worth considering your options closely. Speak to a reputable handyman service prior to any improvements, as they will hold the experience and expertise that can help add value rather than see potential buyers turning away.

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