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Home Improvement Projects for 2017

Created: 27/01/2017

When a New Year comes many of us look at our lives, and our homes, and consider what we can do to improve them.

Home Improvement 2017

There are many ways to seek such improvement and directing that attention to your home is a great idea. So why not consider getting your house in tip top shape as your goal for 2017? This will not only improve your home life, but can be a fun task to undergo, distracting you from life’s headaches.

So we have created this guide to the top home improvement projects that you can get done in 2017, with a little help from your local handyman service.

Frame your pictures

Decorating your walls can help turn your house into a home. It is nice to show-off your favourite movie posters, children’s paintings and other mementos, but often these are put up on walls using paper tape or blue tac, which can ruin walls by stripping the paint off.

So if you live in London and have no time to do this, you can instead call out that local handyman to frame all of your art and to hang it up.

Replace your gates and fences

Handywork Solutions Fence

The outside of your home will need just as much love as the inside. So don’t neglect it when it comes to attempting this year’s new projects.

Why not try replacing those old gates and the rusty latches that keep your home safe? This is a relatively simple task, which will provide you peace of mind for the year ahead, and new trimmings such as these will help to project the positive image contained inside your home out to the world.

Clean out any clutter in your house

Handywork Solutions De-Clutter House

You know that big, old wardrobe in your room that is full to the brim with clothes that you just don’t wear anymore? Now is the time to do something about it by de-cluttering.

Clearing the clutter from your house not only offers you new space to store your belongings, but you have also ticked off a job that you probably have been meaning to do for a long-time.

Check out our decluttering guide to make sure you get off to a great start and don’t get overwhelmed by the clutter.

Overhaul those old kitchen cabinets 

Handywork Solutions Refurbish Kitchen Cabinets

Completely overhauling your kitchen -- while sometimes necessary -- can be a lot of work and can cost a lot, but you may have already read our blog post that showed a new kitchen adds 5.8% to the value of your property. By simply adding some TLC to your kitchen cabinets and drawers, your cooking space can receive a nice uplift.

Why not look at giving your storage spaces a nice new coat of paint or for the extra yard, replace the handles and add new pulls for the drawers. The last thing you want when attacking a new year is to come home and put up with a stiff or wonky cutlery draw.

Clear those drainpipes

Handywork Solutions Drainpipes

The weather is unpredictable, one can never know quite what is around the corner and therefore it is best to prepare for the worst. So to avoid any damage from such temperamental weather, check that your home’s drainpipes are fully functioning and are not blocked by leaves or moss.

When drain pipes or guttering becomes blocked, you run the risk of damp spreading throughout your home. This can quickly become a very tricky and time-consuming problem to correct, so avoid that and ensure your gutters are clear and flowing.

Insulate and enjoy

Handywork Solutions Home Insulation

This isn’t a particular fun one and you won’t be able to show off your work to your friends after dinner, but making sure you house is properly insulated for the remaining cold months and future winters is an important task to undertake.

Your attic, pipes and water tank could all use a good looking over and added insulation. So make sure to get a professional to survey what needs to be done, and then get going on any needed work. Insuring your house is warm and energy efficient will obviously provide great benefits both in terms of home enjoyment and protecting your wallet.

Re-paint your home

Handywork Solutions Painting Your Home

If your house needs a makeover or you feel that particular rooms have become a bit dull, then consider re-painting them.

Just as with your gates and fences, projecting a positive image to the world can not only make your nosey neighbours a little jealous – sparking improvement to the area – but will put a smile on your face every time you drive home. A lick of paint really can do wonders and to make it easier there are plenty of painters and decorators available in Dulwich and across the country that you can call in to paint your home.

Update the front of your home 

Handywork Solutions Front Door

As mentioned, replacing old gates and clearing out drainpipes can start to help the outside of your home looking as great as what is on the inside. But in 2017, why stop there? The front of your property is your home’s introduction to the world so giving it a little update is an excellent project to tackle this year.

Kerry from – a DIY blog featuring a myriad of home renovation tips and tricks -- made this her top project to tackle in 2017. Acknowledging that this doesn’t have to be an expensive undergoing, she said by “simply giving a front door a lick of paint and fitting new hardware, you can really help transform a tired looking door, even if it’s old and unstylish (like ours)!”

Kerry also puts emphasis on any garden area at the front of your home, knowing that it’s not just what is attached to your house that is important. “If you have any greenery that’s just becoming too much of a pain to handle, consider swapping it for some decorative gravel and some potted trees or plants instead. Evergreen plants are especially great as they look good all year and your front won’t be littered in leaves through the autumn either”.

Handywork Solutions Restoring Home

Making your home look the part, as well as assuring it’s easy enough to maintain all year round is very important, so these suggestions from Kerry are not just creative but sensible too. 

One last tip Kerry provided us with was to add some illumination to the front of your property. “If you want to add a bit more of a wow factor, some solar lights are super cheap, easy to install and even make the house look lovely even at night too!”.

There are truly many ways one can improve their home; inside and out. Hopefully these suggestions will start to inspire you with your next project. There is no time like the present after all. So take charge of 2017 and give your home the attention it deserves, but just make sure to garner the help of a professional for any larger projects.


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