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Home decorating trends 2020

Created: 10/12/2019

The new year is all about fresh starts, so it’s the perfect time to plan a revamp for your home. Whether you want to give your home a fresh lick of paint or swap your furnishings for something different, it’s worth knowing about the upcoming décor trends to find some much-needed inspiration. In this guide, we reveal the trends that are set to take centre stage in the interior design world during the new year. So, dig out your paintbrushes, give your local handyman service in London a call and start to imagine how wonderful these trends will look in your home.

Structured simplicity

Hanging chair

Derived from the Nordic interiors, Ideal Home has predicted a ‘Structured Simplicity’ trend for 2020. With neutral tones, unvarnished light wood and uncomplicated furnishings, this trend will create the ultimate cool and calm atmosphere in your home. The rise in sustainability and eco-conscious shoppers are driving this trend, with more people predicted to incorporate organic, hand-crafted features into their homes. So, if you want to achieve the structured simplicity trend in your living space, visit your local markets or second-hand shops to find something unique and naturally made. Wicker baskets work excellently with this trend as well as thick woven throws to drape over your chairs. 


House plants

The biophilic trend emerged in the mid-1990s and continues to grow in popularity. This trend focuses on bringing the outside in, and in turn, giving people a greater connection to nature each day. Houseplants, including popular spider plants, cacti and succulents, not only bring colour and serenity to a room, but they will also clean the air inside your home by removing toxins, and thereby improving your living conditions. However, there are other aspects of the biophilic trend to think about, such as natural lighting and considering how your home can become as energy-efficient as possible.


Another 2020 trend predicted by Ideal Home is a Japan and Scandinavia combo; Japani. The colour palette is neutral, focusing on hues of brown and beige, with accents of grey and black. There’s no room for excessive décor in this trend, as it focuses on minimalistic interiors, with every item in the room needing to serve a purpose. Handmade ceramics, books, houseplants and paper lampshades are the best home accessories to complete the Japani trend.

We spoke to Amanda from Home at Heart for her 2020 trend predictions, she reveals: “We will see a continued love affair with neutral palettes and the much loved Scandi feel, but with new twists through contemporary abstract prints and pattern, along with influences of the clean and calm simplicity of Japan.

“Beautifully pared-back interiors where a considered simplified colour palette of a neutral base, a dark tone for depth and a highlight hue for warmth, will bring cohesion throughout the whole home, with layering up if tactile textures and simple abstract patterns to add depth, personality and the key Japanese meets Scandi influences”

Art Deco

Art deco

2020 marks a hundred years since the roaring twenties when art deco influenced architecture, fashion and interior design, and it’s predicted that it will regain its popularity in the new year. With wallpaper feature walls, deep blues and copper accents, this trend will be sure to add a bit of glitz and glamour into any home. Velvet is one of the prominent textures as part of this trend, Amanda adds: “I predict we will still love textures in 2020 - in particular, rich and tactile velvets for winter and slung linens for warmer days; will continue to add dashes of dark tones. I predict deep navy blue and ink will be favourites.”

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