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Helpful tips to prepare your home for spring

Created: 18/02/2016

Spring is a great time to prepare your home for the year ahead. With many vibrant colour choices and recommendations to choose from for spring interior design 2016, we have great tips on how to maximise small spaces with natural light and getting your home exterior in prime working order leading up to the warmer weather. Here is our guide on how to prepare your home for spring.



Checking your home exterior after the winter months is an important aspect when going into the new years as adverse weather conditions and freezing temperatures can cause havoc with the exterior of a home. 

Inspecting your roof

Inspecting the roof of both your house and exterior buildings such as garages and outhouses is important in maintaining the function of all. Check for loose tiles and any leaks around the buildings, as this could cause damp problems later on in the year.

Clearing out the guttering from leafs and other natural debris is essential to prevent drainage problems in the future. Robin from Academy Home Improvements says: “spring is a great time of the year to clear out all the winter debris and replace tired and old rooftrim with long-lasting fascia’s, soffits and guttering.” For those who aren’t able to access or need assistance in checking and inspecting roof space, contact your local handyman service for affordable prices.  

Image Credit: Academy Home Improvements 

Trim any overgrown hedging or trees

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Cutting back overgrown hedging or trees will help the growth and maintenance for the months to follow. Trimming back dead branches will enable the plant to grow healthily leading up to summer and will leave your garden looking neat and tidy.

Secure fences and gates

The wet, windy weather can cause fencing and gates to fall, break and rot. Overgrown hedging can also cause cracks to appear within the woodwork. Make sure you reposition and secure fencing where needed, and tend to and replace the pieces of wood that are damaged, by either repainting with specialist wood paint, or replacing the panel altogether for maximum safety. 



Spring is the season to replenish the home interior, both decorating and cleaning wise. It’s the prime time to go over pieces of furniture with a lick of paint and create a living space that will be warm and welcoming for you and your guests when the sun is shining.


White skirting boards

Anybody who has a neutral interior design with white skirting boards around the house will know the problem with scuffs and marks from everyday home activity. Repainting these are a must in the spring, as it will lighten up the flooring area and hide any wear on the wood. 


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Updating home accessories

With the weather still to improve before the summer months, when it comes to updating your interior design, spring is a great time to varnish existing furniture, paint flower vases for maximum colour and effect, and update small touches like door furniture.


When it comes to interior design, we’re told it’s the little things that count, modernising your door handles can have an instant and lasting impression on your interior., an online retailer of door furniture, sells handles starting at less than £5 a pair, meaning you can complete all the doors throughout your home and have change from £50. You can also pick up door handles in packs, which are good value for money and useful if you’re hanging a number of new doors.


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Revive any furniture by sanding down for a vintage, traditional look. This would look great with any pieces that are of a neutral colour already, but you can also paint them before to maximise the spring feel in the home. If you are looking to up-cycle with a lick of paint, go for pastel colours such as a duck-egg blue, or depending on your current interior design, go for a bold statement with letter box red or a bright yellow. 

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Maximise space

The season is the best time to create maximum space within the home. Use light coloured paint if you are redecorating your home and use mirrors as a fantastic way to create the illusion of a bigger room. This is a great trick if you are expecting to host guests in spring and leading up to summer, as it will make them feel less claustrophobic and more relaxed.


Open up the room with natural light, and chose a lighter fabric if you are looking to replace curtains or blinds. Using window space is a cheap and lasting way to create perfect light in a room, especially when the days start to get longer!  

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