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A handyman’s guide to moving home

Created: 28/08/2015

Just before you complete the purchase of your new home and move in, it can often be one of the most stressful periods of the whole moving experience.

Packing boxes, sorting bills out and organising your stuff to be moved are just some of the jobs you need to consider, but to save you a few grey hairs we have compiled a number of points that you should follow for a slightly less stressful move before and just after buying your new home.

Before the purchase is complete

Find out where the meters are

electric meter

If you were to employ a handyman services company to check your home they will ask you where your meters are, so before you move in you should ask the estate agents or previous owners where the gas and electricity meters are, as well as asking them about where the main stopcocks are so you can shut off the water should you need to in an emergency.

When is your rubbish collected?

A simple question that often gets forgotten about, but asking what days your bins are collected is a sensible question, especially when you are chucking out stuff you no longer need in your new home.


Life with munchers

Pamela, who is a blogger at Life with Munchers, says, “My tip would be to declutter before you move so that you don't take anything unnecessary to your new home.”

Who supplies your energy?

Another really important question to ask is: “which companies supplies the energy, broadband and home phone”. Once you find out, you can then compare the cost of staying with the existing suppliers, or the cost of moving to another supplier.

After buying your new home

Redirect post

With all the things that are going on it is very easy to forget to redirect your post. You can redirect post indefinitely, for three, six or 12 months if you are renting a property.

If you don’t, then you could be receiving bills, and not paying for them on time could affect your credit record etc.



Another point to include on your moving home checklist is painting.

If you are moving home it is quite understandable that you will want to put your own stamp on your new home and the best way to do that is to paint your rooms to your satisfaction.

If you are living around London and don’t feel confident about painting then you can hire painters and decorators in Dulwich and other locally based decorators.

A little tip is to try and do as much painting, or to get your painters and decorators to start the job before you move everything in. This will save you having to move heavy objects around and will make painting rooms a much easier job.

Boxing stuff up

After the purchase has been complete you need to box up all your stuff, but whilst doing this you should label all your boxes with which room they need to go in.

Put the labels on the top and on the side of the boxes so you and others helping you unpack know what is inside the box.

This might take a bit of time, but trust us it will save you a lot of time after you move in as you won’t be searching around for things.

Look at removal costs or ask family or friends

Removal vans

There are plenty of removal firms that you can pay to move all your furniture and other heavy objects, but if you ask your family or friends nicely they may be able to help.

Clothes and other smaller items can certainly be moved via car and if you have any friends or family members that have trailers or large vehicles then they might be able to take your furniture as well, thus saving you a fair amount of money.

Do you have any other tips that you would like us to add? If you contact us via the Handywork Solutions Facebook page.

Image Credit: Michael Beck (, Life with Munchers, Joe Monin, Sunset Removals.

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