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Handy tips to keep your home clean whilst decorating

Created: 04/02/2016

For those looking to decorate their homes this year, it is worth investing some time in making your home mess-proof for when you decide to start the work. Even if you haven’t got the materials readily available, there are some cheap alternatives to ease the process and having the help from handyman services can achieve just that.


Covering furniture and floors

Using old bed sheets or curtains would be ideal for this as they are big enough to fit over large pieces of furniture, whether it be in the bedroom, living room or kitchen. They can be re-used over time which will save you money on investing in plastic sheets or other materials. Try to cover as much of the room as possible before you start painting, so you can get right down to it and not have to stop painting every couple of minutes to move your sheets around.


Masking tape for great results

Make the job of painting your walls a little easier by using masking tape around the edges of doors, floors and panels to avoid any decorating disasters. It will also be useful as a guide when you are painting in a straight line, resulting in a clean, professional finish once dried.


Use paint trays

It’s a common practice that many people forget – use a paint tray when leaving paintbrushes. If you don’t, this can result in unwanted paint drops on your new flooring or carpet. Even placing newspaper underneath a paint tray will prevent it from moving and slipping around the floor and will also catch any stray drops of paint that may fall from the brush.


Preparation is key

Good decorators spend around 60 to 70 per cent of each job preparing the room before they start painting. This could include getting rid of mould on the walls or window ledges, plastering, or scraping away old paint. Try to avoid making the job more time consuming by making sure you have your walls and floors prepped correctly, making the actual painting job stress-free in the long run.


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