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Handy tips for guest-proofing your home ahead of Christmas

Created: 17/12/2015

The festive season is a time for connecting with friends you may have lost contact with over the last year or with those new faces in your life. With your house decorated to the nines for Christmas, opening your home to your nearest and dearest is a likely occurrence and whatever challenges this may bring with it, with a little prior planning you can ensure your house withstands the onslaught of winter visitors.




Before they’ve even entered your humble abode, you can rest assured that guests, Christmas carollers and just about anyone calling at your front door over the festive period has clocked the smears and smudges on your windows. First impressions count and even if your store cupboard is overrun with figgy pudding and the like, everyone has these simple ingredients that double up as the perfect emergency glass cleaner.


Simply mix 100 millilitres of vinegar with a teaspoon of washing up liquid, then add to 4 litres of warm water, and you’ll have your very own DIY window scrubbing solution. Of course, it’s not quite as crafty as the glittery cards your children have been working on but those windows are sure to sparkle in their own right. If you really want to impress this year, call in the professionals. A local handyman service will be able to spruce up those rotten frames or install that double glazing before your wish list has even reached the North Pole.




It’s the time of the year when your neglected guest bathroom is likely to actually see some action. Avoid calling out the plumber on Boxing Day by planning ahead, after all, prevention is the best cure. Get those drains unblocked and clear well before the first well-wisher arrives. You can find a good quality drain unclogging product at any hardware shop and almost all household aisles in supermarkets will stock a small selection.




Adults, much like children, tend to get a little too enthusiastic around the festive period. If one of your guests has enjoyed a little too much merriment and managed to spill their mulled wine all over the carpet in the process, never fear! Have a pre-prepared bottle of homemade stain remover at the ready. Soda water and any foam shaving cream come together to fight all manner of food and drink mishaps so your carpets stay as clear as the white winter you dreamed about, but have yet to receive again this year. If nothing else, this handy tip finally gives you a valid opportunity to say “here’s one I made earlier”.


These tips can just about keep your home sweet home in one piece as the guests plough through your front door this Christmas but if you’re planning a little more than basic maintenance, now is the time to plan your New Year’s renovation. As with all important undertakings, a good place to start is by asking the experts. There are numerous handyman services in London that can help with the major remodelling work in January, whilst you concentrate on damage control over Christmas.


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