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Expert bathroom design tips from Ideal Standard

Created: 19/10/2017

Ideal Standard bathroom featuring bath, basin and toilet

In a world which seems to be getting more hectic by the day, those moments of total solitude and relaxation that we occasionally get to enjoy are becoming ever more precious. And, although in one sense it is an entirely functional and necessary space, our bathrooms are also now becoming an important place in terms of our overall wellbeing. 

The most private part of our home, a well-designed bathroom can be so much more than a place to hurriedly wash and clean ourselves in the mornings. Fortunately, the creative talents of a wide range of designers and manufacturers mean that the idea of our bathroom being a haven of peace and tranquillity where we can truly get away from it all is now no longer only in reach of those who own huge properties. 

Ideal Standard basin

We were very happy to hear from Robin Levien, designer at the bathroom solution experts Ideal Standard, about how customers – if they are willing to invest in the right products – can create their very own oasis, even if they are short on space:

“British bathroom designs are continually evolving and the trend for incorporating storage and furniture to make the most of small spaces is becoming ever popular. As the average UK bathroom is now the same size as a king size bed, the main suggestion for a clutter free compact bathroom is to keep it simple. It’s really important to take time to determine how the space needs to work for the home’s needs, so by using a streamlined approach, you’re more likely to get it right.

Ideal Standard basin and vessel unit

“The addition of a vanity unit or beneath basin storage is a simple way to exercise good design and limit clutter within the bathroom. Likewise, incorporating cabinets which are fitted with accessories such as mirrors can also free up wall space. Additionally, a corner basin built into a cabinet means you can install it right into the edge of the room, which is an excellent way of reducing clutter by maximising space as well as providing that all important storage.

“By opting for wall hung furniture, or even WCs, the illusion of a bigger floor space is created and additionally makes cleaning easier. Such furniture options offer many practical advantages, for example, hiding pipework and items you’d rather keep out of sight. The ability to hide away a bulk pack of loo roll makes for a much more intelligent use of available space, as well as a tidier, more appealing room. 

Ideal Standard bathroom featuring bath and basin

“A more unconventional way to declutter the bathroom is with Ideal Standard's revolutionary toilet, the AquaBlade system. The flushing technology engineers the power of water to cascade rinsing water down from the top of the toilet bowl opening, jet washing the entire bowl when you flush. This feature comes as standard with all Concept Air toilet bowls, offering the best aesthetic on the market with superior hygiene, less splashing and provides the option of not having to have a toilet brush. 

Ideal Standard basin

“And finally, it’s an obvious one; the finish and colour options, as well as choosing well-designed products, are key to creating a sleek look in your bathroom. Subtle pairing of gloss and matt white will create a calming look. However, simplicity and luxury can also be achieved with richer colour ways, including luscious matt dark brown, along with light brown wood and light grey wood options.

"Simplicity is important, but remember, you will be living with your selection for a long time, so it’s important to think beyond aesthetics and be sure that the chosen products perform well too.”

Ideal Standard bathroom featuring bath, basin and mirror

Every product pictured in this article is available from Ideal Standard, which shows that you don’t need to pay luxury prices to get the very highest quality and aesthetically pleasing bathroom products. So, why not ‘take the plunge’ and start planning your dream bathroom today?

The Ideal Standard website features a very handy ‘showroom finder’ tool which allows you to look up your nearest plumber’s merchants and bathroom stores, from which you will be able to order any bath, shower or other product that takes your fancy. Simply take your pick, place your order and book up your local expert handyman services provider to install your perfect space.

Image Credits: Ideal Standard

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