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Easy ways to make your bathroom luxurious

Created: 29/05/2019

After a long and busy day, a relaxing bath in a luxury hotel or a trip to the spa feels like a dream; however, it’s not always possible. Therefore, transforming your own bathroom into a luxurious space makes unwinding each day that bit more enjoyable. You don’t have to clear your bank balance and completely renovate your bathroom to achieve a spa-like look, as you can just follow our simple tips.

Focus on Textures

Luxury and clean bathroom

Textures are important for creating the overall look and feel of a room. Try and keep the number of textures minimal to avoid creating an overbearing space. For an elegant look, focus on white marble or, for something a bit more art-deco, you could add colourful tiles to the walls with wooden accents around the room.

We spoke to Ingrid from That Scandinavian Feeling, an interior design and lifestyle blog, for her recommendations: “To add luxury to your bathroom, think about the details and textures while focusing on simplicity and comfort. For instance, a gold tap can add a luxurious touch and if you team it up with a terrazzo texture or marble surfaces, which are both very trendy now, you will get a modern and chic look. Or, go for a more Scandinavian design with a bright space that has accents of wood and natural tones. My own bathroom is quite simple and grey, so I opt for adding a few carefully selected accent colours through towels, the bathmat and items such as the soap dispenser.”

Buy some new Towels

Towels rolled up next to a bathroom sink

Something so simple can make all the difference, so bin any old towels and invest in some large, super-soft new ones. Hotels are renowned for their white fluffy towels, which you can find yourself on the high street at a decent price. Make some space on the shelves to neatly display them.

If you’re trying to achieve a put-together look, coordinate the towels to work with the colour scheme. We asked Maxine from We Love Home, an interior stylist blog, for her top tip for adding a bit of luxury to a bathroom: “I have a simple grey and white bathroom but add colour with pink fluffy towels for a luxurious look!”

Ingrid from That Scandinavian Feeling continues: “I also suggest investing in good quality towels and think about how all your details go together when it comes to colours and finishes.”

Add a tray of luxury

Luxury soap dispensers

Keeping your bathroom clean, tidy and minimal is crucial when you’re trying to add a sense of luxury. Our tip is to dedicate just five minutes each day to keep on top of the cleanliness and make the most out of the storage space you have available. Assign a home for each of your items and make sure it’s always in its place unless you’re using it.

Choose a few of your favourite products that look great and arrange them neatly on a tray next to the sink. We recommend using a tray to match your furniture, which could include marble or dark wood. You can also use this as an area to keep your daily jewellery or watch safe, as well as your favourite perfume or aftershave.

Ingrid adds: “Keep the space clutter-free by choosing smart storage solutions.” If you want to make the most of your space and install extra shelving or storage, you can easily use a London handyman service to help you with any jobs, from DIY to painting.

Choose a scent

Candles and plants

It’d be almost impossible to achieve the relaxing feeling of a spa in your bathroom without considering scents. Place a few of your favourite candles around the room so they’re nearby to light when you want to enjoy a relaxing bubble bath. Although the scent is the most important thing, also consider if the candle matches the rest of the room, we recommend choosing white or pastel coloured candles for a spa-look.

Many agree candles are a must-have in a bathroom, Ingrid continues: “Definitely have a room spray or scented candle on display to give a sophisticated atmosphere.” You can find candles on the high street for as little as £2, yet they still smell fresh and look far more expensive.

Change your showerhead

If your current showerhead is looking rusty or outdated, perhaps it’s time to swap it for a new and modern design. You can find affordable alternatives such as a rainfall showerhead which not only looks sleek and modern, the water is also relaxing as they have softer water pressure.

Add a bit of nature

Pink orchid

Adding plants to a bathroom is not to everyone’s taste, but it can help create a serene environment. Many types of plants thrive in the bathroom, especially those who need to be placed in areas of high humidity such as ferns, spider plants or golden pothos. Having plants in your bathroom will help purify the air and they’re a great way to add a touch of colour to plain and minimal interiors. Nature is often found in spa interiors, as they aim to create a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere.

If you want to choose a plant that oozes luxury, add a potted orchid to one of your shelves. The beautiful and elegant plants are often found in the bathrooms of luxury hotels, in plant pots that match the colour scheme. Nature inside not only looks great, but they also help the feng shui of your home.

Mirrors and artwork

Luxury bathroom rooms tend to have a white and minimalistic interior, but they still contain an interesting and colourful feature piece. You could create a similar aesthetic by adding a statement mirror to your bathroom. Look for a mirror with a unique shape or perhaps a golden frame to add something special to the room, it will also brighten the interior and make it look spacious.

Artwork is also a fantastic way to add something different. Choose a colourful print or photograph to hang up and be the focus of the room. If you opt to add plants to your bathroom, the artwork could be nature-based and tie the whole room together.

Finishing touches

Spa like bathroom with stand alone tub and plants

Sometimes, it’s the little details that count the most so, be sure to think about everything. This could be adding soap dispensers that match the room or a fresh new bathmat to the floor. Ingrid from That Scandinavian Feeling shares her finishing touches: “I add little details like fresh flowers and a scented candle which all gives a cosy feel to the space and is easy to change up regularly to give it a fresh impression.”

Quick ways to add luxury:

  • Focus on wooden or white marble textures
  • Buy some new fluffy towels
  • Add a tray to place your aesthetic product on
  • Display your perfumes, jewellery and watches
  • Place candles and reed diffusers around the room
  • Add houseplants to brighten the space
  • Use a feature mirror
  • Add colourful artwork
  • Change up your bathmat
  • Use soap dispensers for products that don’t match the room


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