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Early signs of a plumbing leak

Created: 13/03/2014

A plumbing leak can be costly and highly damaging to your property, not to mention distressing when the damage is being caused to your family home. Before checking the handyman London reviews lists it is worth checking the extent of the leak to save time and determine the scope of the damage.

If you need a handyman in South London there is a great selection available to you, but to avoid wasting time and money try these leak testing tips first.

Look Up

Leaks can be deceptive; just because it looks like it’s coming from a pipe fitting, it doesn’t mean that that is the case. Using tissue and holding it above where you think the leak is coming from can help to determine whether it is the pipe fitting - just continue to place the tissue higher up the pipe and look to see whether it continues to become wet as a result. If it is still getting wet this is an indicator of the leak coming from another floor or from pipes between the floor and ceiling. This is when you will need to call someone in, and there are plenty of good plumbers in Beckenham who can guarantee the job is done to a professional standard.

Toilet leaks

There are a variety of things that can go wrong with toilet plumbing and can cause leaks, from bowl to tank, so if you don’t know what to look for it is always best to call in an experienced plumber. If there is water on the floor at the base of the toilet this could be caused by a bad wax seal, indicating a leak between the tank and bowl.


Leaking shower pans are one of the most common and expensive plumbing issues. Be sure to check that the shower door is not the source before you replace the pan, as this can avoid unnecessary costs. Check the frame for gaps and splash water around the door to check for leaks.


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