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DIY SOS Reduces Family to Tears after Home Transformation

Created: 12/04/2017

The Pollard family was brought to tears after seeing their home’s transformation by DIY SOS for their hospital bound son. 

The project, which took nine days to complete, will finally allow Ryan Pollard to return home from hospital after five years.

Ryan, who is 24 years old, had been hospital bound ever since he was diagnosed with a brain condition back in 2012. Because of the special attention he needed, moving back home permanently was out of the question.

But now, thanks to a £180k makeover of their family home by the programme DIY SOS, the Pollards are now able to welcome their son home.

Acquiring the help and services of hundreds of suppliers, neighbours, and workman, the transformation was able to be completed in just nine days, even though the actual work put in was equivalent to more than six months.

Speaking to the Bristol Post, Ryan’s dad Dave said, “Every room is absolutely amazing. We are amazed what they have managed to do in just nine days with the house.”

The house’s transformation included the installation of a chair-lift, wet room, social space, and physio area. As well as a downstairs extension to allow Ryan access to the entire ground floor.

DIY SOS chose the Pollard family after they had spent five years commuting 100 miles a day to see their son.

Nick Knowles, the show’s presenter, had this to say: “The Pollards weren’t a family, that’s the point. They couldn’t be a family because they couldn’t bring their son home.”

Knowles, who earlier in the year received praise for a similar transformation effort, also added:

“We’ve all got families but the idea that suddenly your son can’t come home is horrific. Two hours in each direction, Rachel used to get a bus, a train, a bus and then walk several miles each end. She did that there and back single day.”

It’s quite a remarkable story, and another amazing reminder of what a passionate community can do for each other when they decide to bind together.

This was a pretty massive undertaking, and inspirational to see just what they were able to achieve. And while you may not be able to crank out six months of worth of work in just nine days, with the help of a local handyman service, you’ll be shocked at just what is possible. 

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Image Credit: Really Channel - UKTV    David Maclennan

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