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DIY Brits putting their home insurance at risk

Created: 11/07/2017


The comparison website GoCompare has released the results of a new piece of research into the DIY habits of Brits, and the findings suggest that many homeowners may be at risk of invalidating their insurance policies by not sharing the details of their improvements.

The news – which is explored in more detail by City A.M. – will be of some concern to anyone who has not told their home insurance provider of any major work that has recently been carried out on their property, such as the installation of a new bathroom or kitchen.

Despite this news, it should be noted that insurers only need to be informed when major jobs, such as the addition of a new room or the total re-fitting of an existing one, are undertaken. There is, for example, no need to contact your policy provider if you have just carried out some general internal decorating.

Always check your tradesmen’s insurance!

Whilst informing your insurers of any big improvements should be a fairly simple and quick task (it should also be inexpensive, although policyholders should check whether any administrative charges apply), GoCompare also mentioned something else which many homeowners may not have thought of: the status of their tradesmen’s insurance.

‘Another important thing to note is that most home insurance policies don’t cover tradesmen or their work’, commented Matt Sanders, GoCompare’s home insurance spokesperson, ‘so you should always check that they have their own insurance in place’.

According to the research, the most popular major home improvement projects carried out in Britain are the installation of new bathrooms, closely followed by new kitchens and, in third place, the replacement of boilers and heating systems.

Making your own DIY improvements can be a rewarding experience, but it is important that homeowners realise when things need to be left to the professionals! Local handyman, plumbing and electrical experts should always be the first port of call if you are ever unsure about safety or any technical aspects of your work.

Image Credit: Mayberry Health and Home

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