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DIY apps you need

Created: 24/06/2015

DIY apps you need

In this modern age, when looking to spruce up your home or tackle a bit of repair work in the garden, it is becoming increasingly common for people to give the task a go themselves. No longer do you have to get the books out, or even switch on your computer, everything you might need can easily be found on your phone.

While it is recommended that you contact your local handyman in London for larger jobs, so as not to end up like 12 percent of Britons who have DIY horror stories to tell, when it comes to odd jobs and planning you may want to do some research and attempt the initial work yourself.

Here we have rounded up a list of DIY apps you need to have.

Measuring up

Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of DIY for the Average Joe is getting the maths right. For those who are not natural mathematicians, measurements may not come naturally but, thankfully, there is an app (or two!) for that.

Photo Measures is an app developed with home owners, architects and interior designers in mind, enabling you to quickly note down measurements on the go and keep them in your pocket. It saves you time and multiple trips back and forth when hunting for objects, materials and ideas. You can take a picture, write the measures and notations, and share the photo with co-workers, clients, contractors and family members.

The app is available both for Android and iOS and allows synching work between the two platforms through Dropbox.

Photo Measures app screenshot

If you are looking to do a complete home re-jig, the MagicPlan by app developers Sensopia makes it easy, or at least virtually easy. It works by allowing you to take pictures of your room’s corners, before editing the room’s layout. You can then assemble rooms with your fingers on the screen, leaving you with the final floor plan result that can be downloaded in JPEG, PDF, DXF and HTML formats.

Magicplan app screenshot

RoomScan Pro from Locometric also makes it possible to create a digital account of your rooms and manipulate them into an entirely new plan. With no need for sketching they make the process easy and it gives you a result that you can show to your architect so they can clearly understand what you want. It’s also easy to add doors, just touch the door frame without the need for dragging. Huffington Post even said, “It's incredibly simple, but seems to work really well.”

Roomscan app screenshot

Repair knowledge

When it comes to electrical repairs it is always recommended that you call a Bromley electrician phone number rather than trying to fix it yourself, but for smaller repairs such as the garden fence or replacing a tile in the bathroom, apps could help you make a professional job of the situation.

iFixit is the free repair guide that covers most elements of DIY and their app, available through the App Store, Google Play and for Windows Phone, offers all of this advice in the convenient format of your smartphone. The below video explains a bit more about how the app works, including its easy new feature for helping share your knowledge as well as learning something new from others’ guides.

Repair guides are split by category, whether that be technology or sewing a button. Just remember, that when it comes to DIY, double check that you know what you’re doing before risking anything that might be damaging to your property, or yourself!

iFixit app screenshot


When it comes to the design of your home it can be difficult to envision what your home improvements may look like once you’re done. Should they not turn out as you thought, this could be a costly mistake. Thankfully, with technology it has become increasingly easier to see what your home might look like should you change a few things, as 3D models get smarter and more realistic.

Autodesk Homestyler makes it possible for you to design your home in 3D, with applications for both your rooms and floor plans. Whether you plan on carrying out the adjustments yourself or are recruiting the help of a professional, their mobile app will make it easy to see what the finished result will look like. Just take a picture of a room to create a 3D home design playground where you can add light fixtures, real furniture products and see how rugs, paintings, mirrors and many other additions will look without actually moving anything around.

You can also receive feedback and get advice via the app as well as browse the Design Stream for ideas.

Homestyler app screenshot


For more tips for your home DIY the BrightNest app has everything you could need. BrightNest is the online homeowners tips and hints site that covers everything from how to never miss a package delivery to ways to separate a room. The app turns their regular content into the accessible and useful form of an app and is free to download on Android and iPhone. Including easy-to-follow instructions, a personal schedule and helpful reminders, your home will never have an excuse to look out of shape again.

Brightnest app screenshot

These are just a few of the great apps that can transform your DIY experience. Got a favourite, let us in on your DIY secrets on the Handywork Solutions Facebook and Twitter pages.

Image Credit: (, Big Blue Pixel – Photo Measures, Sensopia – MagicPlan, Locometric – RoomScan Pro, iFixit, Autodesk Homestyler, Brightnest

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